The Last Jedi & Princess of Alderaan

Princess of Alderaan

Leia Princess of Alderaan

By: Claudia Gray

Grade: A

I read Gray’s book Star Wars: Bloodline and really enjoyed it. Actually, it’s a book that’s grown even more on me whenever I think about Leia coming into the new trilogy. I thought she did a great job of getting into her psyche and I even have some personal fan theories about the book. (Probably aren’t true but you never know.)

That being said I wasn’t sure we needed Leia The Teenage Years but it was getting some great buzz so I picked it up.

We follow Leia as she begins the tests she has to endure in order to take up her mantle on Alderaan. (I won’t lie getting such an in-depth view of Alderaan and her parents made me tear up when you realize within a handful of years it would all be obliterated in front of her.) We also follow her forays into politics and the very birth of the rebellion.

You don’t need to read this book to go into The Last Jedi but it does introduce Laura Dern’s character here and her friendship with Leia. Amilyn is a little odd. A kind of space living Luna Lovegood in a way. So keep that in mind in the movie.

I really enjoyed this. It’s a good story on its own about family, politics and coming of age. But I also enjoyed some of the Easter Eggs. Gray does manage to keep it in hand however which I appreciated. Leia meets a little droid who seems very human and has no problem breaking the rules 🙂 There are a couple of things with Tarkin that make your skin crawl. There’s another bit where she winds up in the clothes of a Naboo Queen and her father practically has a heart attack.

There was a bit of romance where you can practically see the problem coming. But what this really does is set the stage so well for Leia’s strength and stoicism and her belief in fighting for the people even if that might mean against her son in the end.

General Leia
I really think Leia might be the most tragic figure in the series.

Recommend: Yes. You don’t need to read it for the movie but it (and Bloodlines) is such a great character piece. If they ever do a “young” Leia – and I still really hope they don’t- this would be the story that I’d want.

The Last Jedi

As to the The Last Jedi Trailer . I thought it was great. Beautiful.

Star Wars Creatures
I want one of these!

I think the end is a mis-direct and she’s still talking to Luke. But I think the bit with Kylo  (Adam Driver) and Leia (Carrie Fisher) was real. The Finn and Phasma fight looks awesome. But no more! One thing I appreciated about J.J. was his ability to keep things close to the vest. This is all I want to see until December! (Without having to foreswear social media!)

I have to admit I thought the teaser earlier this year was a little “Meh,” but this upped my excitement once again!

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