The Maze Runner Review (Book)

I picked up The Maze Runner by James Dashner solely for the upcoming movie. The first thing I would admit is I was wrong about who and what was behind the maze. So that was a plus for me.

The book is about a boy named Thomas who wakes up with no memories in a glade surrounded by a maze which itself is crawling with deadly Grievers. Thomas is just one of many boys who have been there for two years looking for a way out. But Thomas is special because well, because someone has to solve the maze and get them out eventually right? He’s followed almost immediately by the only girl ever sent and the promise that the end is coming.

I liked the idea and I thought the characters were interesting as they could be considering they had know memories. Count me among the Alby fans. It was a good set up to have a character kind of remember the past and think they were better off in the glade and the instability that caused.

I just didn’t find myself reaching for it though. It was good but not great. A way to kill sometime without much thought. I’ll probably see the movie on Friday but I doubt I’ll keep reading the other books in the series.

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