Through the Woods


I did not watch any movies this week. Instead I watched a two-year old all week for a friend so I have this weird feeling of being totally completely exhausted but yet having gotten nothing done. I am still not ready to be a parent. Still I did manage to finish off a book I had struggled over and I wanted something sweet and simple and quick. I also wanted something that I thought might inspire and knock the writer’s block out of me.

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll was an easy pick.

It’s an illustrated book of horror/creepy stories. To me none of the stories were that bad and I have a pretty low tolerance for the creepy stuff especially. My favorite story of the bunch was Our Neighbor’s House which also had the highest of the creep factor in my opinion. I enjoyed the illustrations.

Plus it was a quick read. I knocked this back in less than an hour.

Another plus side if you Google Emily Carroll you can check out her website and see if you like the art and the stories. I was especially a fan of her ‘dream journal’ stories on the website and they made me decide to purchase this book.

(Obviously despite my ranting about kid-sitting this week this definitely is not a kid’s story. 🙂 )

Recommend: I enjoyed it and the best part is you can check out the website to see if it’s your type of thing!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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