The Wrong Side of Right


Kate Quinn lost her mother and never knew her father so imagine the surprise when the Republican Presidential candidate turns up in her Uncle’s living room and says he is that father. Kate immediately is invited to meet the family (two siblings and a stepmother) and even join the campaign.

It’s pretty much a modern day fairy tale complete with a Prince in the form of the current Presidents questionably motivated son. Actually the romance isn’t a big deal the family is the important part.

This book was right up my alley as I have always had a thing for politics and behind the scenes of campaigns. Plus I really liked Kate and Meg. It was a nice change for the stepmother (and the wronged woman in this case) to be such a sympathetic and caring character. I really liked their friendship. The campaign people are a mixed bag and there were a couple of times I was cringing thinking – no Kate, don’t! This isn’t going to end well! Kate’s nicely realistic too. She’s both idealistic and pragmatic kind of the ultimate political kid. She deals well but she’s too afraid for most of the book to ask what her future holds.

Ah, her father. The Senator. They do a good job in this relationship to he’s either away for most of the book or hard to read. Kate admires him but she doesn’t understand him. It’s the father daughter thing to the extreme in the spotlight but I really liked it. It’s a quick read full of likeable characters you can root for it working out for in the end.

The one downside is that I could see the ending coming.

Recommend: Politics, family and a romance. I enjoyed this one a lot and marked it as a win.

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