The Fold


The Fold

Author: Peter Clines

Genre: Sci-Fi

Grade: B

I was so excited to read a science-fiction for a change! In this book a government funded group of scientists have managed to “fold dimensions” in order to create basically teleportation, allow people to go great distances in the blink of an eye. Mike Erikson is a school teacher with an eidetic memory who gets sent out by an old friend to get a feel for the project.

First of all I loved the idea for the Albuquerque Door as it’s called. I have a big thing for portals and yeah, while people are technically appearing only a couple hundred feet away there’s a big question about what there passing through to get there in the first place. The project goes out of control pretty quickly and after a while they can’t shut the door off!

I said this was a B because it was an entertaining book. I liked the idea of the door and the book had some great creepy elements. You never know if you can trust any of the main scientists and the build-up that there was something very wrong was well done I thought. Unfortunately it had a couple of big problems. Mainly the ending was a big mess. The twist comes out of nowhere it’s impressive someone could figure it out only with a good memory but I was willing to hand wave that part.

Yet the climax is kind of a let down. It’s like all the potential is there and there’s a good creepy thing lots of stuff is hinted at but you don’t really have answers about the actual threat. It’s hard to explain without crazy spoilers so I’ll avoid. I just wish that part would have been stronger. Also I didn’t feel that there was any threat at all to Mike and company at all despite the fact lots of people around them were dying.

The other part of my issue with the book is purely personal but these people were pretty blasé to me. When it’s explained what’s happening it’s like huh. I assume it would be a lot to progress but my reaction would be, “I’m out the door see you later catch me if you can cause I’m not sticking around at this creep fest.” Also the government contacts reaction is like I’ll try to send you some help.

Ah, I’m thinking to myself if any body in any government heard about this particular out of control project they’d be sending in the bombers. It was nice knowing you Mike. But that’s just me.

Recommend: Yes. Despite the above issues I was entertained and I think there’s potential here. I’d read a sequel. It’s not the best book I’ve read by far but it gets the job done.

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