The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy


The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy

Author: Violet Blue

Genre: Helpful Books

I’m not going to rate this one on any kind of scale because I don’t think it needs it. I’m a pretty careful person (or paranoid some people might say) and unfortunately these days too many people already know a lot of things in this book because they’ve lived through them.

Identity theft?

Not once but twice (at least)! Yeah, me!!! It is a nightmare to take care of plus quite frankly you never really stop having to take care of it.

There are some good resources in here for people that need help. One of the things this book did was make me go back the last couple of months and look carefully at the things I was doing on line. I like to be safe but I’m also looking for a job right now so my information is all over the place. So that’s something to worry about. It’s a  bit of a frightening read not just people being able to use webcams to spy on you but the intricate and easy ways in which places like Google tracks your life and then sells it.

One thing I can whole-heartedly say from personal experience is make sure you use the security checks on personal devices like phones and IPADS. I used to work retail and we would get an amazing number of this stuff turned into lost and found. It’s crazy what people will just sit down and leave. Sadly we would get a lot of people who would see them turned in and try for them only to not have any clue what the passcode was which stopped us from having to hand them over. So have a passcode and whatever other security you can on those devices! I can tell you from that perspective it helps! Also keep an eye on this stuff when you’re out and about.

The author stresses not to run and hide which is something I would have done. Don’t let the bad chase you away from doing what you love. Just do it with more care and safety.

The one knock I had on this book was I would have liked something a little bit more in-depth. I’m not at all savvy when it comes to computer technology of the intricate ways some of these operations work. So this is one of those things where I would have appreciated an A to Z kind of manual.

Recommend: Yes. I would also pass this one to a teenager or anyone whose just getting into the social media world.

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