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On a Fan Girl scale of 1-10 with 10 being extreme obsession this was a: 6.5

I watched Serenity again for the first time in a while recently. I said to myself it’s late but I’ll just watch the first couple of minutes but it’s Serenity, you can’t stop at a couple of minutes. Then I realized this month it’s been ten years since Serenity opened! Ten years! Where did that time go?

The funny thing is when I went to see the movie with my friend I had never seen Firefly but she couldn’t find anyone else to go with her (they hadn’t seen Firefly either) and I figured I owed her one and she could explain it all to me.

Turned out I absolutely loved the movie even then. I loved the characters. I think it’s possible you can like every character on Serenity.

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“I don’t care what you believe in, just believe in it.” Shepherd Book to Malcolm Reynolds.

Me: (After the movie.) Do you have the DVDs?

Friend: I can bring them to class tomorrow…

Me: But I NEED to watch them tonight!!!

Firefly is a space Western. It’s about a rag tag band of criminals and runaways wanting to escape. There’s Mal and Zoe leftovers from the war against the alliance. (They lost.) Jayne whom Mal talked into not robbing them one day but joining them. The best mechanic in the verse in Kaylee. Innara, the kind-hearted companion who provides the ship with an air of respectability. Simon, the Doctor, who is running from the government with his sister River (she’s got all kinds of issues that would be considered spoilers) Wash, the calm as a cucumber pilot and lastly Shepherd Book, who has a few secrets of his own.

It is a sad part that the series didn’t last long enough and the movie didn’t go into it so you never do learn about Book.

It’s a series that I didn’t get to crazy over, probably because it was already completely over by that point. But it is a story that I watched through a hard-time. It has some of the best dialogue (well, it’s Whedon so you expected that.)  After I got back into last month I picked up…


finding serenity is a book of essays edited by Jane Espenson. There are mostly cute essays in here (including one by Nathan Fillion- Malcolm Reynolds himself.) I wish it was a little more in-depth because in the show itself there’s so much to go off of: government control, war, rebellion, violence, religion, corruption, mind control, friendship, love, etc. But overall it’s a cute little book for Serenity fans,

Favorite Episodes: Our Mrs. Reynolds, Jaynestown, Trash and Out of Gas

Favorite Character: River Tam.

Other Favorite: I have to admit Christina Hendricks as Mal’s kind-of-sort-of wife Saffron is one of my all time favorite television characters.

It’s a bit of a cliche to say this but the series and the characters really are like old-friends. There when you need them, makes you laugh when you need it, and sometimes brings you to tears.

Recommend: Totally.

Also, I can kill you with my brain. – River Tam

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