Mockingjay Part 2

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Mockingjay Part 2

Grade: B

 Katniss decides enough is enough and while the rebellious districts make to march on the (booby-trapped to be a giant Hunger Game) Capital- she goes in with the intention of getting close enough to President Snow. One shot will finish this once and for all is what she’s presuming.

 I had mixed feelings about the last book so I suppose it makes sense I had mixed feelings about the last movie.

 Mainly I thought cutting it into two parts was a mistake. It felt like this movie lost some momentum pretty much from the get go. There was some great action and the end still had me on the edge of my seat but in too many places it just felt… long. Sometimes painfully so.

 It got to a point where every time they’d stop to talk I’d start tuning out which is sad and not usually the way I am in movies. And I like Peeta, in both book and show, but man he was wearing me down in this one!

 I also felt unfortunately despite the great cast most of them didn’t have much to do this movie.

 As usual like this movie belongs to Jennifer Lawrence but I thought the other standout was Donald Sutherland as President Snow (this is another part where I wish they had used him more) I loved him! The closer she got the more he started to falter and fall apart but at the same time you got the impression he was enjoying her. It felt almost like he wanted her to succeed at a certain point.

 They don’t change the big ending which I won’t give away and I have to admit in light of recent events the scene of the bombing was even more gut-wrenching. Lawrence killed it in the scene with the cat afterwards. I cried. I admit it.

 I read the book a long time ago so I only really remember the big parts and not being happy with the ending. My friend and I both agreed that while the movie didn’t pull any punches it did give Katniss a little more peace than the books did and we felt it was appreciated and deserved.

 So, all in all, I was disappointed in this one. It probably should have been one movie but judging the series as a whole (Catching Fire remains my favorite of the movies) I think it mostly got the adaptation it deserved.

 Recommend: Yes. I mean if you’ve followed Katniss this far you aren’t going to miss the end.

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