Omega Beginnings Miniseries


Omega Beginnings Miniseries

Author: Lizzy Ford

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Grade: C

This is a really strange one perhaps. I heard a lot of reviews I like saying good things about Omega by Lizzy Ford and I found this “miniseries” of eight novellas that happen before the events in Omega take place so I thought hey, I’ll start from the top for once!

Even better it was only .99 cents on Amazon!

Omega is the story of the Greek Gods and what we know as modern life co-existing or actually not co-existing all that well. A young girl called Alessandra, the prophetic Oracle of Delphi, is supposed to bring them down. We meet her as an adorable child whose rather clueless and keeps bringing things to life that shouldn’t be alive. There’s also a warrior meant to train her, a doomed Queen whose about to inherit a family curse and the “grotesque” that Alessandra brings to life.

The writing wasn’t bad but the format of the story didn’t really get you anywhere. (Except the start of Omega I would presume.) The story of the cursed Princess is interesting but not when she meets the down on her luck pregnant girl destined to protect her.

Yeah, big problem was that it didn’t go anywhere it’s that for the start of a series I wasn’t big on half the characters and after you meet grown-up Alessandra again she had turned into pretty typical YA Girl. Character wise I don’t think anything in the series is going to be a surprise.

Recommend: Not really. I might have been better skipping the beginnings and going right to the book. I’m not willing to write off the whole series on this basis. But, while it’s an interesting idea, there was absolutely nothing in The Beginnings (character wise) that made me want to keep reading.

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