The Art of Neil Gaiman


The Art of Neil Gaiman

Author: Hayley Campbell

Genre: Retrospection

Grade: A

A little gift from me to me this year. It’s really a lovely book and I’ve been a Gaiman fan for a while now so when I saw this I wasn’t waiting for Christmas.

Campbell has known Gaiman since she was a child and she has excellent access. Which also makes the book feel very personal. She goes through all his work starting with journalism and ending with the recent Doctor Who episodes he’s written and radio programs. Gaiman has really done it all. Of course Sandman is talked about. It’s probably the most in-depth (comics overall) portion of the book.

It’s very much based on his work though you get a bit about his childhood and the personal things that, for him, have deeply affected his work. You might feel just looking at the written sections you aren’t getting a great deal of depth but combine that with the beautiful artwork and his thoughts on each piece and you really do get a clear picture.



 Stardust was probably the book/movie that introduced me to Gaiman.

 As someone who loves to write it was also great to get a behind-the-scenes look at so much of his process and how things have come together for him in different ways.

 Recommend: Yes. Fans will love it but I also think aspiring writers/filmmakers or just any aspiring artist would appreciate the book and the stories in here.

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