Their Fractured Light


Their Fractured Light

Authors: Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Genre: YA/ Sci-Fi

Grade: B

Tw0 series finished in two weeks! It’s hard to believe.

Sofia and Gideon are both trying to break into LaRoux Enterprises separately when a security crackdown throws them together. After that they must work together to uncover and stop LaRoux’s final plan for the ‘Whispers’ and the ‘Rift.’ Joining forces in the end with the two couples (Lilac and Tarver/ Lee and Flynn) from the first two books for the final outcome.

(It’s a bit sad that in this series and The Lunar Chronicles you can really  classify each book by couple. Though the last half of both finales do throw them all together.)

This was an enjoyable, easy read overall. But the first one still remains my favorite. I would suggest reading them first because while you can jump to this one it does bring back a lot of the characters and make mention of a lot of the events from the first two books. So you can follow it but you’ll miss the deeper connections and impact.

The two main characters in this book either appear in or have connections to the prior books.

I liked the story. The rift in space and the reasons for why we needed it. Interesting descriptions of this big bustling city after spending the first two books on mostly backwater worlds. So all that was strong and interesting but to be honest each successive couple got more annoying. With Sofia and Gideon it was pretty much like, yeah. Okay, whatever. Should you really be thinking about her dimpled smile right now buddy?

I was not big on the ending.

 I try not to give away spoilers but I thought considering the epic nature of the series (or the attempt at epic) and the stakes laid out for the final battle it was all a little too clean. I realize that’s definitely a personal thing but there is an incident that happens where literally over a hundred thousand people die and while it’s kind of glossed over that had a bigger impact on me than the final battle or the outcome of it.

Recommend: Overall yes. I loved the first one (These Broken Stars) but I thought that was the best one. I’m certainly not sorry I stuck with the series as a whole but at the end it was kind of average.

Bonus points for the eye-catching lovely covers!

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