Author: Betsy Cornwell

Genre: Fantasy/ Retelling

Grade: A

 I have to be honest this went on my list original because the cover is so beautiful!

 This is another retelling of Cinderella. Our main character is called Mechanic by her stepsisters because on her sixteenth birthday she finds her mother’s hidden workshop and with the help of the most adorable little horse called Jules, begins to invent her own things and imagine a life of her own.

 This is not a character that dreams of marriage or some fairy tale escape but someone who pretty much develops a business plan and puts it into action. It’s also a story that with the added politics of a possible war brewing with the fairy kingdom (and her mother’s inventions possibly being somewhat questionably enhanced by by magic) and a romance that is back seated for a strong friendship with a young girl that works in the palace.

 In other words there was a lot I found to like here.

 I quite enjoyed the ending as well. I can see why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea or what everyone might want from a fairy tale but I found it very believable and it was just what I was in the mood for at the moment.

 The only thing that brought me down was a character death I did not get over for most of the book so beware of that one if you’re giving it to young kids who might take that kind of thing hard.

 Recommend: Yes. If you like your fairy-tale retellings with some unexpected twists, a bit of a modern element and a strong message about friendship check this one out.

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