the unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 & 2

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the unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Authors: North/Henderson

Genre: Superhero

Grade: A-

Well, this one is adorable. Doreen is a lovable girl with squirrel superpowers, the agility, the speed, the ability to talk to them and a love of nuts. She knows the Avengers and has fought some of the biggest villains in the universe and now she’s just trying to go to college (computer sciences) and live a somewhat normal life.

Doreen also has an adorable squirrel friend, a roommate who writes Thor Cat Fan Fiction and a loose definition of the meaning of personal property. Especially if it belongs to Tony Stark.

I would love to see a movie version of Squirrel Girl. With Tony forever looking for his stuff. Loki makes a cute appearance in volume 2 but I won’t give away what he does.

This is a super cute one with a great hero and great supporting cast. I liked every single person honestly and I liked the cameos. Doreen comes with a great message that I rarely felt I was being hit over the head with an amongst other things she doesn’t always fight. Some times she uses her wit takes stock of the situation and goes from there even if it means talking it out-which I thought was awesome!

The one thing I kind of nitpicked was the drawing of Doreen in the “origin” type stories. Regularly she’s drawn really well. But for some reason in the last story at the back of the first volume she was supposed to be even younger and I couldn’t help but think she looked like she was in her forties or fifties and kind of creepy with teh eye make-up. It was off-putting.

Seriously, I thought the first time she appeared it was going to be Doreen’s mother. But other than that Squirrel Girl was entertaining as anything and I’m definitely going to keep reading.

Recommend: Yes.  This was a fun one and good for all ages. I’ve said it before but I really wish Marvel was willing to be as adventurous with characters like Doreen in the cinema as they are in books and on television.


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