Author: Alice Clayton

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Grade: B

Caroline is loving her brand new apartment in the city. That is until one night the nocturnal activities of her neighbor Simon Parker just about bring down her walls. And it’s not just one night. The real story kicks off when Caroline finally decides she’s had enough and confronts him.

This of course leads to your usual tango of anger, friendship, lust and the all too perfect scenario where it turns out everyone important in their lives actually know each other or start dating each other.

Not to be cynical because overall I actually enjoyed the read. It was quick, easy and something a little different for me. But at one point when Caroline is hanging out with her friends the 9o’s sitcom/ Sex and the City vibes started and they stayed with me strong throughout the rest of the book. Which didn’t really bother me but did in some strange way affect my reading. I couldn’t really see it as original.

And everyone is of course perfect. Caroline’s biggest problem as we find out straight off is that she’s missing her “O.” Which sucks of course but then again she’s attractive, she’s living in a rent controlled apartment in San Fran., her boss is perfect and they can gossip over lunch together, her friends are great and her cat is like a precocious child. Hell, she’s even a great cook. Kind of hard to feel sorry for her about the whole missing O. 🙂

There is one little hiccup near the end that I appreciated but it didn’t last long and I don’t want to get into spoilers.

Recommend: Yes. Despite my issues with the book it worked for what I wanted something quick and easy and different to break a slump. It’s totally worth checking out but for me, honestly, I probably won’t be continuing with this particular series.

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