Agent Carter Season Two


Agent Carter Season 2

Starring: Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Dominic Cooper, Reggie Austin…

Grade: B

I was so in love with the first season of this show. I’m still in love with all of the actors but there was something about this season that just felt… off. Like some of the magic had been lost.

Peggy came to Los Angeles to investigate the strange death of a woman found in ice on one of the hottest days of the year. She wound up embroiled in a mystery concerning “Zero Matter” and some strange secret society that I’m still not really clear on. I know it seems strange to complain about the hooky science in a Marvel production but I did feel like it got in the way.

Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) was a really good idea for a villain for Peggy to go up against. But for me she couldn’t hold a candle to MVP Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) her “let’s get under her skin because she’s obviously under mine” relationship with Peggy and the way Regan played it- I would have loved to see them just verbally spar all season! With a side helping of Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) thrown in for the funny.

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Tonally a lot of the show seemed off. I liked Doctor Wilkes (and that he was pretty much the person in distress Peggy needed to save) but he was introduced so oddly. Like this whole goofy scene where he grabs some random woman to have her try his office brewed wine. Cute. But then at the end of that episode he’s all ominous looking at the zero matter all in shadows.

It could have just been me but I kept expecting something more of the character. I did like the actor though and he fit in fairly well with Jarvis and Howard but mid-way through you know where the “love triangle is going.” Add to that and all of the side stuff with Whitney and the club shortchanged Jarvis a bit too much in my opinion. D’Arcy and Atwell are still fantastic but this season it just didn’t feel as natural to me.

Strangest thing was that they ended the season with a cliffhanger. (Which sucks on it’s own because a third season seems highly unlikely.) But in two minutes I found that more interesting than any of the zero matter story.

Recommend: Yes. The show is still worthy and all the problems I had with it could be chalked up to a second season slump that a lot of shows have. It just makes it worse that a third season is not likely. 

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