First Ever Audio Book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

Performed by: Scarlett Johansson

Grade: A-

So despite how much I read I have never tried an audio book before for a lot of different reasons but mainly:

A.) My mind wanders at the drop of a hat.

B.) I’m a completely paranoid person and don’t listen to anything when I’m hiking/walking.

C.) They can get pretty pricey and  I tend to get addicted to buying stuff, especially stuff concerning books…

But Amazon has the Audible program which was offering a thirty-day free trial and two free books. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was kind of cheating because I’m familiar with the story. I love the story! But it was Black Widow performing it so I was like count me in!

Overall I enjoyed the experience. The reading started off very good as a matter of fact. I was impressed by how different the voices sounded and what a good job she was doing. But I have to admit I started wandering a bit at the hour and a half mark and the voices started running together. I’m not sure if it was because I’m familiar with the story…

We shall see as I chose my second book. Still, if you like Alice and/ or Scarlett Johansson this is a fun one and it might be very good for kids to as she does have a super soothing voice.

I’m still familiarizing myself with the Audible program but the download was very fast, the production clear. Mine renews at $14.95 a month and apparently every month it does you get a free credit for a book. So I’m going to check into that deeper and then try a second book and go from there.

Recommend: Yes. All things considered it was a freebie for me but honestly, I think I still would have purchased it in the end.

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