A Study in Charlotte


A Study in Charlotte

Author: Brittany Cavallaro

Genre: YA/ Mystery

Grade: A-

 James Watson is hoping that the best part of his time at boarding school will be Charlotte Holmes. After all they’re descended from the great detective and his chronicler. As things go to plan they really do seem fated to meet considering it’s over the mystery of who murdered a college classmate whom they both had motive to kill.

 I’m a  little weird here because while I was always lukewarm on the original stories (for the most part) I’ve enjoyed all the more modern day adaptations and new tellings. This one is no different at all.

 The preppy boarding school setting makes it feel a little Gossip Girl and some real modern day problems do exist. This definitely isn’t a kids Sherlock as Charlotte has a lot of the same substance abuse issues. There’s also of course murder, attempt murder, rape, a general amount of spying on people and a bombing. Charlotte’s not the nicest character in the world (but come on she’s supposed to be the Sherlock) and Jamie quite honestly bordered the line of “mister nice guy friend zone” that I’ve been more and more annoyed with in television.

 Like she’ll love me eventually. I dreamed it. It’s just a matter of time. I do think that evens out as the story goes on but who knows where that will go if this becomes a serial. Which I think it should be! I think it would also be a great television show. Seriously reading this one I was like, “Has the CW optioned this already?” Aside from that little nagging problem with Jamie and Charlotte’s issues these are good characters. Super smart, loyal and likable kids in the end.

 Recommend: Yes. Honestly, I’d pick up a sequel easily or watch a television show.

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  1. Oh! I’d love to get my hands on this! It sounds great! I love everything Sherlock, the old and the new and I think a gender bent Sherlock could be pretty fun. I like that you mentioned that the Charlotte character still has a lot of Sherlock’s bad qualities. I hate when adaptions shy away from the darker side of the stories. I’ll definitely have to pick this up!

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