Harley Quinn & Ms. Marvel: Volume 3’s


Ms. Marvel Vol 3. Crushed


Harley Quinn Vol. 2 Kiss Kiss Bang Stab

Grades: A-

Okay, this seems pretty random other than the fact both are comic book characters and both are volume threes. Truth is I find that in both cases the one thing that links them is the likability of the characters often overcomes any shortcomings in the story. Or in Harley’s case any insanity.

Volume 2 of Ms. Marvel was a little bit too much pounding a message over your head. This one walks a much finer line. Kamala develops her first crush and goes to a school dance and there’s a cute little Agents of Shield crossover. Overall it’s just good fun. I would say that the only thing that bugged me was it seemed one possibly important story with the Inhumans was dropped and I find it hard to believe  but Kamala didn’t seem to know who Loki was.

Still, it’s an engaging series. I would love to see this as a movie or television show.

Harley’s third outing was a little too over the top for me at times. Seriously, hallucinations and dreams and her wanting to date Bruce Wayne… (Priceless for Bruce Wayne’s reaction though!) Yet somehow the nut bucket always pulls it off even as she’s hiring  a “gang” of assistant Harley’s. That should definitely be fun.

It’s also interesting they definitely seem to be going the more twisted vigilante root with her in this storyline. Does it make it wrong to love her if she has good intentions (usually) while screwing up? I also tend to like the art in the Harley comics a little better. Obviously, it’s just more colorful and vibrant. Fits the character. Also Harley has the benefit of a bigger Poison Ivy presence to be the voice of reason.

Recommend: Yes. Of course. I’m really enjoying both these series. Ms. Marvel I’d recommend to everyone. Harley’s probably best for an older crowd though.

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