Daredevil Season Two

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Daredevil Season Two

Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Jon Bernthal and Elodie Young

Genre: Comics/Marvel TV

Grade: A-

Possible Vague Spoilers

I watched this because of Tumblr. Really. I started seeing the gifs of Karen and Frank (the Punisher) and a couple of people I follow were really recommending that storyline so I thought what the heck! I must admit I haven’t seen the first season but I know the story of Matt Murdock blind lawyer by day, vigilante by night.

I saw the Ben Affleck movie (which may be a reason why I was never interested in watching this). I don’t think you need to see the first season. I followed it easily enough. The Punisher storyline was A+ all the way through. The fights were amazing. I loved the scenes with him and Daredevil and yes the stuff with him and Karen. I’ll admit it. I ship them.

Plus it’s just a really good story. It raises a lot of questions and gives you some interesting moral debates within the show and that you can have with friends/on-line. I love that stuff. Bernthal is great and you really emphasize with him. I think the show walks a fine line that while his actions may be understandable, may even have a point, he’s still wrong.

Also, Karen. Deborah Ann Woll was one of the bright spots on True Blood, back when it was still bearable. Of everything in the story it was her character and her background that I wanted more of and please, in the future more with her and Frank!

I did not dislike the Elektra/ Black Sky storyline as much as some people did. Elodie Young is really good, she’s really watchable, but I think that story suffered from being more of a mystery (and a very convoluted one at that) then the Punisher storyline. There were a lot of things that I found never got answered and some of the things that did (like what Black Sky was) left me with only more questions.

They could have scaled back many of the fight scenes (as good as they were) and given us some answers.

There is however an appearance by the season one big bad that was single-handedly enough to make me want to go back and watch those episodes. And someone should elect Rosario Dawson’s Claire as the Mayor of Hell’s Kitchen or something because she would probably clean shit up a lot quicker than Frank or Matt.

So what about Daredevil himself? Charlie Cox is good but but I thought he was overshadowed by both Bernthal and Young and the way the “love triangle” wrapped up at the end was one of my most hated ways to end those things. Hopefully, they don’t go anywhere with that next season.

Recommend: Yes. While I had some problems with the Elektra storyline and the ending for 95% of the run I was completely engrossed. Getting all thirteen episodes released at once helps but this was definitely one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve watched in a long time. 

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