The Gratitude Diaries


The Gratitude Diaries

Author: Janice Kaplan

Grade: B (ish) 🙂

I have to admit there’s a cynical nature to my brain that was reading parts of this thinking, “Yeah, no kidding you can be grateful. Tell me some more about your place in New York, your country house in Connecticut and all the traveling you get to do with your Doctor husband.”

Like I said, I can be a cynical person.

I also do consider myself a grateful person. But I think gratitude is just a harder road to walk for some people.

Yet that’s also the point she’s trying to make. The exercise of something like a daily gratitude journal, forcing yourself to look on the bright side of a situation, or even just live in the moment is something everyone should do and there are real benefits to attempting to do so. Not just in your relationships but also your health.

I did start keeping a gratitude journal again and perhaps more importantly I’m going to send the book to someone whose having a hard time right now. Yet there was nothing really new in the book (especially if you like me have read this kind of thing before). I know this. But it’s nice to have a reminder. A kick in backside as it were to try some positive thinking…

Not that it didn’t mean I wasn’t rolling my eyes at some of the sickly sweet conversations in this book.

Although if you are looking into this kind of thing for the first time I do think some of the medical research presented is enlightening and really does make the case for the power of gratitude and positive thinking.

I always say books like these are very personal. The book itself didn’t do it for me but I did appreciate the reminder to try to live even more thoughtfully and be grateful. More importantly I’m hoping it will, at least, do the same for my friend.

Unfortunately it did break my goal from the beginning of the month to read what I have before buying anymore books (except a few new releases). I swear I only meant to put it in my wish list but I hit the wrong button on Amazon and there it was being sent to my Kindle before I could even think! I am a book mess right now. Again. But I decided to read it anyway so maybe the universe thought it was a good idea.

That’s me putting a positive spin on my book addiction!

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