The Vision Little Worse Than A Man


The Vision: Little Worse Than A Man

Grade: A

Vision, the Ultron created being from the Avengers, decides he wants to be a normal guy. So he creates himself a wife and two teenagers and they all move out to the suburbs in what has to be the creepiest, saddest and probably deepest Marvel comic I’ve read yet. This is only volume one but things don’t go well and they don’t even try to hide the fact that it’s going to get worse.

I cannot wait for the next one to see if they can keep this up.

Vision is honestly probably among by least favorite Avengers in the movies. There’s no way they’d make this into a movie. And just some warnings we are talking murders and violence including against kids and animals here. I couldn’t help think this would work as a Netflix series and Jennifer Connelly (Vision’s real life wife) would be a killer Virginia.

For me this works on a couple of levels because it’s not just violent there’s also much deeper questions about what it is to be normal, what it is to be human and accepted. What makes a person real? I actually wound up feeling sorry for the wife and kids and, generally, all the people who are getting caught up in his experiment at normalcy here.

Vision here is a really interesting character as well. I started off really feeling sorry for him but my feelings on that change throughout the book. You can see the arrogance and the stubbornness as well as the love for his family building into something that seems to be headed to great destruction.

I also liked the art everything looked and felt somehow both real (sort of like a perfect vision of someone’s idea of a 1950s sitcom family) but also false and not quite right. So good job with that. And the tension builds nicely. Even the mistakes they make are all very human.

Recommend: Yes. A really interesting character piece and I’m very much looking forward to the next installment.

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