the takedown


the takedown

author: Corrie Wang

Grade: A-

“I’ll warn you in advance. You’re probably not gonna like me.”

I actually did like Kyla Cheng quiet a bit. Yes, she’s not the nicest person in high school perhaps but she’s smart, focused, ambitious and driven. Unfortunately for her that all goes to crap when a sex tape of her with her English teacher hits the web and no one believes Kyle (nickname) when she says its not her.

I am a sucker for books about technology gone wrong and the over reliance on that and social media. The Takedown is set in a near future where people rely on their tech for everything (even more than we do now) and their futures are dependent on their social media. It’s an interesting vision and one I could see happening.

There’s a lot of side issues that could be unpacked in here as well: sexism, feminism and empowerment, privacy, surveillance and generally other things. I found Kyle’s friends a little iffy. But I did like her relationship with Mac ,the school Romeo of sorts, who wants a chance with her.

I will say that some people in reviews have been annoyed by the style of the writing and the speaking. But I must have been enjoying this one so much it didn’t bother me. (Okay, the curse word thing bothered me a little.) There was one part where Kyle didn’t have her devices and was speaking to Mac in like audio texts until he finally tells her to shut-up. I can see how that would be annoying but like I said I was into the book and thought it was kind of cute.

The only other thing that bugged me was the ending. See, Kyle wasn’t perfect and she was definitely oblivious but I couldn’t see what she did as anything more than high school stuff. The tape was meant to destroy her life. When the truth finally comes out I would have been a lot more furious. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Recommend: Yes. 

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