the unseen world


the unseen world

By: Liz Moore

Grade: A+

Ada Sibelius is just a child when she begins to lose her brilliant father to Alzheimers. David’s been the figure that has loomed over her life. Her only teacher. She’s practically a co-worker in the computer lab he runs so this is a horrible blow to Ada that changes everything. Even more devastating is when people begin to question the truth of David’s identity long after he can give them any answers.

This book. This book appeals to me on so many levels- time, memory, grief, loss, AI’s, nostalgia, family… I could probably name more. We follow Ada through the years of David’s illness through her first time in a normal school and join her off and on in her adulthood. Ada alone is simply a great character. Smart and kind. Learning how to be a kid at the same time she’s suffering through the loss of a parent.

Trying to find the truth of said parent. I thought so many beats where just right on and how people really would react in this situation.

This can be a bit of a slow book. One that felt a little long in some places. One that, at times, confused me a bit in the narration (though nothing that would have ruined it for me) Except when you get to the end those beats make absolute and somewhat heartbreaking sense. The book really isn’t just about Ada but about David and their entire family as well as the unseen world.

The one thing I was ready to complain about in this book was Ada’s crush. While it made sense I just wasn’t really into it and he wasn’t a well-fleshed out character but even there I was more than happy with the way it all worked out (or didn’t) 🙂 in the end.

The Unseen World is one of those books that I really don’t want to give away spoilers to. Let it unfold on it’s own. This one has been on my TBR for some long but I’m really happy I finally picked it up.

Recommend: Obviously, yes!

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