Mockingbird Volumes 1 & 2

I Can Explain

Mockingbird Vol. 1: I Can Explain

Written By: Chelsea Cain

Grade: B

I had been interested in picking up Mockingbird for a while but put it on the back burner after the run was cancelled. It tells the story of Bobbi Morse whose given an untested serum in order to save her life. Another reason I back burnered this, to be honest, is I don’t follow Agents of Shield. Luckily you don’t really need to.

I enjoyed this quiet a bit. Bobbi is funny and smart and I really appreciated all the little things that were in here. Not just the Howard the Duck cameo but the patients in the Doctor’s office, the newspaper articles, the pictures on the walls. It’s all in the little details.

The story however was a bit of a puzzle (it’s meant that way) it’s supposed to all make sense after you read it. The end goes back to the beginning and all that. It all makes sense at the end I just wasn’t crazy about the story. Though it was probably better that I read it straight through in a combined format.

My Feminist Agenda

Mockingbird Vol. 2

Grade: B+

Hawkeye (Bobbi’s ex-husband) is on trial for killing Hulk and Bobbi goes on a superhero cosplay cruise to the Bermuda Triangle to chase a lead. I enjoyed this a bit more than the first since it kind of just embraced the crazy which is weird for me but I could go with it here.

Hunter is cute and all but I prefer Bobbi’s interactions with Hawkeye. Though I felt like the bit at the end was a little too cutesy. I’m considering it a fantasy. 🙂

The thing about this one was it also includes New Avengers #13-14 which is the story where Bobbi gets “saved,” I guess. The story was fine even though it seemed like Spiderman was the only one with a brain. I don’t think combining the two stories flowed very well however. It felt so jarringly old-school. My eyes were drawn to the costuming on the women and not in a good way. Like in Mockingbird I thought Bobbi always looked  good but it was nothing distracting for me as a reader. There was one piece in this where Captain Marvel was drawn from the back in nothing but a leotard and it looked like the legs and half the costume was shredded around her.

I had to roll my eyes.

Somewhere else it might not have even mattered to me but that and the boobs really stood out in this one when held up against the rest of Mockingbird.

Recommend: Yes. It’s a good series with an interesting lead character. This is one that I probably would have kept reading if it hadn’t been canceled.

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