Odd & True

Odd & True

Odd & True

By: Cat Winters

Grade: A

As I was reading this story about two sisters steeped in mysterious and supernatural family stories I couldn’t help but think, “This is the sister story Caraval should have been.” And this is the sister story anything that claims to be about sisters really should be.

True has grown up all her life with the wild stories that her sister Odd has sprung. Beginning with True’s very birth and involving their demon hunting mother and her family. After being kicked out and disappearing for a while Odd appears one night and wants True to go on an adventure with her.

Despite the fact that polio and a leg brace has left it harder for her to get around she jumps on a train and takes off across country with her sister. Who we soon learn doesn’t have the best planning ideas. Also not the best sense at times. Also Odette is hiding, a lot, from her sister and probably from herself.

While we do get some monster hunting the story is truly about the sisters and their family. True takes the present and Odd narrates the past and as it comes together you can see where the stories came from and why. The truth about their family and the connections that always bind family and like I said we do get some monster stuff. We do get some creepiness and great atmosphere but it’s really about the sisters. Even the boys are secondary characters.

I really loved both sisters. Occasionally in the beginning I wanted to smack Odd upside the head. You understand her more as the book moves forward and then I wanted to hug her and make it all better. True is definitely one of my favorite characters in a while though. I liked the way her disability was done. It doesn’t stop her. It doesn’t get in the way. But she’s careful about it.

Also she puts her life on the line to help an innocent animal. So yeah, True!

The end was intriguing and sweet and in some ways did enforce a strong connection between the family. Even unknown. This is one of those rare books where I would totally read the continued adventures of Odd & True.

Recommend: Yes. But keep in mind this is more Supernatural. Supernatural family history at that. It’s more about the sisters than the scares.

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