Stranger Things Season 2: Spoilers!

Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things Season 2

Well, season 2 is done. I tried to stretch it out as long as I could as though somehow season 3 would be ready (I just can’t really binge anything). Overall I enjoyed another visit with my favorite kids, their Sheriff and the idyllic small-town hooked up to a seemingly massive inter dimensional portal.

Spoilers below.

Eleven on Her Own

Problems first.

As always I could have done without the dead cat. Especially since it came about because Dustin, whom I usually love, was acting so stupid. His poor mother. I know she had a kitten in the end but still 🙁 Did he ever even tell her?

Also The Lost Sister episode. I get the point of it. I liked the acting and we’ll probably see her again. (It also introduced that there are more people like Eleven.) But I had no doubt Elle was going back to Hawkins in the end and the placement of it- after the major cliffhanger in the lab- that was like the worst possible place. For it to not even touch on anything going on in Hawkins was majorly annoying.

Did not care about Max’s brother. How was he not eaten?

Little Nitpicks

Part of me was happy Elle (Milly Bobby Brown) had her own story this season but part of me wanted her back with the kids sooner.

Justice for Barb was nice and they played it smart. But I didn’t really care in the first place. That always seems like a fan thing. I mean they said in season one other people had disappeared. No justice for them?

Will Byers Zombieboy

The acting across the board was excellent. I don’t think I had a complaint about anyone but Noah Schnapp was definitely the MVP. He didn’t have anything to do last year so I was nervous but he totally owned every scene and he had some pretty dramatic stuff. (He was especially great in the scenes where he’s setting up the soldiers.)

I know Eleven took off last year but to be honest I think this kid might be the stronger actor.

Also kudos to Winona Ryder. Joyce was a bit out of control last year because she didn’t know what was going on. This year she was one of my favorites. I admired her strength. I loved the scene where Will lies about recognizing her and she knows it so she grabs the needle and sedates him. Also when she’s fighting the creature at the end while Jonathon is crying.

The Mindflayer

I also liked how Hooper (David Harbour) and Eleven’s relationship played out both the father/daughter stuff and the warrior stuff.

Poor Bob the Brain 🙁

(On a more serious note when you are running for your life people don’t stop and stare at your loved one… keep running!)

Joe Keery as Steve

Steve the Babysitter was awesome as was his friendship/mentorship with Dustin. (And his Farrah Fawcett hair gel!) Keeping this character, and actor, was a great move on the part of the Duffer brothers and I hope they find something equally fun to do with him in Season Three.

Recommend: Yes. For the entire show really. It’s a fun ride overall and I’m already looking forward to three!


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