I’m a Carry On Convert

Carry On

I enjoyed Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl when I read it including the fan fiction parts with Simon Snow. But for some reason I threw up a block with the idea of reading the actual book. Like I do not want to read a rather large fan fiction about Harry Potter. Superficially though I loved this paperback cover and I really needed a pick me up.

Wound up a total Carry On convert.

Carry On tells the story of Simon Snow chosen to save the world of magic and fight with his evil roommate Baz. From an old school family Baz isn’t fond of new blooded magic. He also may very well be a vampire. And Simon is convinced to the point of obsession he’s plotting something- even when he’s not present.

There are a lot of things that will remind you of Harry Potter but I must admit at a certain point the story takes off on its own and I didn’t even think of the P word.

I also loved the relationship between Baz and Simon which is quite nicely drawn. There are multiple points of view throughout the novel which was nicer than just following either one of them. I was quiet fond of Agatha. Girl had the right idea in the end let’s just say that.

On a nice point I was sure that I knew who the bad guy was throughout the novel and I was right… but not in the right way and things were a lot deeper and a lot more windy than I would have imagined. Rowell actually creates a nice little world and history all wrapped up in a mystery/love story.

It definitely wasn’t perfect. I’m not sure one of those narrations even made sense. (Was she alive or dead? Was I supposed to decide for myself?) Also there was a murder at the end that was pretty much glossed over that upset me quiet a bit. But overall Carry On was an entertaining and enjoyable read that I’m glad I finally jumped on.

Recommend: Yes. And you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy this one.

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