Wonder Woman Book Tag

Wonder Woman Book Tag

I saw the Wonder Woman Book tag first on Delphine the Babbler and really enjoyed it. The original creator of the tag is on youtube: Amber’s Books and More.

Since Justice League is out this week it seemed as good a time as any to do this one!

Wonder Woman: You’re Favorite Badass Female Book Character

Minerva and Molly

Professor Minerva McGonagall 

I have so many honestly but I need me some Harry Potter right now and I didn’t want to pick Hermione or Luna. My favorite Professor is right up there at the top anyway. (Added bonus for Mrs. Weasley!)

Fantasy Island: A book setting that you’d want to escape to…




Middle Earth (after the war)

Westeros (when Ned was still around) 🙂

I’d go to all of them.

London: A hyped book that let you down:

London Belongs to Me

London Belongs to Me. This got a lot of hype from some of the Booktubers I was watching at the time and I just didn’t think it deserved it.

Steve Trevor: A beautiful cover and a great story:

Vengeance Road

Vengeance Road. Also one of the rare books that made me cry.

Lasso of Truth: A book you hated:

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes The ending was controversial sure but I didn’t hate that so much as the animal violence and the implied violence against the kid.

Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad that you needed a shield:

A Storm of Swords

Perhaps a strange answer but A Storm of Swords always gets me. Not only does my favorite character die but there’s also the dream when Arya wargs Nymeria and pulls you know who out of the water and she knows its over and she can’t even be mad at the Hound for not trying anymore. I’m tearing up thinking about it. 🙁

No Man’s Land: A book you want to send through No Man’s Land:

None? Is that a cop-out? There are books I don’t like and some books that I can’t see any value to but honestly I’m not sure I’d destroy a book.

Ares: A scary villain I just can’t hate:

King Joffrey

This might be an obvious answer but I could never bring myself to hate Joffrey from ASOIAF. Kid was a horrible person yes but he never really stood a chance in that world and family.

After the whole series wrapped I could never really hate Voldemort either.

AR. Poison: A villain that has no reason to exist:

I must be really bad at this or villains because I can’t think of any that doesn’t have a reason to exist. Even if it’s just getting someone to the big bad. Though I wonder about a few in on-going series right now but we shall see. 🙂

The Amazons: A book you wish had more or better LGBTQ+ represention:

A Court of Wings and Ruin

A Court of Wings and Ruin

I mean there are a lot of cases where there could be more or better (or any). But I remember thinking this one was particularly shoehorned in and felt a lot like an afterthought or something Maas just did to please readers. We should see if any of the offshoot stories deal with it better.

Justice League: Tag

Per my usual MO 🙂 I tag anyone who wants to do it.




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