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Harley and Nightwing

I was tagged by Andie over at Andreas Nirvana and I love a good cliche so here are my answers for the Cliche Book Tag. It looks like the tag originates at Miranda Reads over on  Youtube.

Actions Speak Louder than Words: A Book that wasn’t or couldn’t be Better than the Movie:

the lord of the rings

The book had it’s moments I just felt like the movie was better. It cut out all the extra stuff and it had Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom… (That’s probably not a good reason to like the movie better but I did!) Things I couldn’t really picture when reading the book were brought to stunning life. I just felt like it was more approachable.

The Grass is Always Greener: Rags to Riches or Riches to Rags:


Okay so her story is over the series but from unwanted stepsister to… Well, I don’t want to give out spoilers to those who haven’t read it yet.

The Apple Does Not Fall Far from the Tree: Parent/Child Relationship that You Love:

the hate u give

Star and both her parents in The Hate U Give. It was so nice to see a happy and crazy supportive parental unit not just with one kid either but with all of them and each other. Also and maybe it’s weird to say this because they’re hardly together before everything hits the fan but I love the Starks and their children & and how much you could still see each parent in the kid and the effect of being raised by Ned and Cat had on them.

As well as the opposite side: Tywin and the effect he had on his poor children.

Can’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover: A Great Book in Need of a Better Cover

honor among thieves

I wrote about this one recently but I adored the book and disliked the cover and the title.

Can’t Please Everyone: A Book that You Hate that Everyone Else Loves:

I can’t really answer this question because the books I hate the most (like Behind Her Eyes for instance) I don’t think they get a lot of love and a lot of other ones I’d have to admit I haven’t read I’m just (unfairly) sure I’m going to hate them. Mostly because I think they’re overhyped.

throne of glass

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: A Book that You’re a Better Person for Having Read:

I made it through reading Heart of Darkness and Ulysses in school without giving up reading forever. 🙂 Does that count?

Love is Blind: A Disabled Character

all the light we cannot see

All the Light We Cannot See is the first one that popped to mind with it’s blind main character.

Ignorance is Bliss: A Book so Bad You Don’t Want to Admit It:

No. I’ll pretty much admit any book is bad if it is… Doesn’t bother me.

No Time Like the Present: Favorite Contemporary:

foolish hearts

Foolish Hearts… although my recent read of The Astonishing Color of After may give this one a run for its money.

Better Safe than Sorry: A Book that You Didn’t Want to Read in Case it was Bad:

Okay, this is supposed to be a book you don’t want to read but I couldn’t think of any. However I definitely was leery about reading…

The Book Thief

It’s so many people’s favorite books and everyone speaks so highly of it I really wanted to like it and luckily it became one of my all time favs as well!

Thanks for tagging me!



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  1. “Actions Speak Louder than Words: A Book that wasn’t or couldn’t be Better than the Movie:” I agree with you. LOTR was such a torture to read when I couldn’t imagine everything described in the books. The movies were a pure delight!

  2. You’re welcome! Glad to see you writing it 💛 I’m glad you liked The Book Thief! It was one of my faves as well 💛
    I actually really liked the LOTR books, and I also liked the movies… I don’t think I could compare them!
    Haven’t read TOG yet, but I so hope to love it…. I’ve heard such good stuff about it!
    Great post 💛

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