All about Ice Cream

Stay Sweet

Stay Sweet

By: Siobhan Vivian

Grade: B

I read Stay Sweet at the end of last month and I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about the book and give my top five ice creams all at once. Because I love ice cream. Actually I love most frozen treats and am the Queen of the Brain Freeze. Though it never seems to bother me for long.

Summer, a cute contemporary and ice cream all mixed in!

This is supposed to be Amelia’s perfect summer. Head Girl at Meade Creamery almost a coming of age ritual for the girls in her small town. But tragedy strikes and Molly Meade is no longer running the show but her business student great-nephew whose trying to prove something to his father.

Number 5: Orange Sherbert with chocolate chunks.

Well, this is kind of a cheat because I haven’t seen it inย the store for ages. But it was so good. Just thinking about it I can taste it. Orange and chocolate is like the perfect combination because the orange tasted so fresh and then the chocolate even stronger mixed with that…

I think it was Dreyer’s. I’m having flash backs now.

Amelia’s perfect summer before college goes off the rails needless to say. Though naturally cute boy helps make it a little better.

I liked this book. I liked Amelia learning about the legend of Meade Creamery not being all that on the nose and learning to let go of the idea of “perfect.” I liked her friendship with Cate even though I wanted to kill Cate at certain points. And yeah for a book with a business plan.

Number Four: Nestle Drumsticks

This was hard to chose for like a minute but I had to narrow it down to the Triple Chocolate. I almost never buy these because one a day is impossible.ย 

Number Three: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

These aren’t just yummy but they don’t ever feeling like I’m over doing it (even when I do) and I can tell myself it’s a good choice because it’s Skinny Cow.

I did feel that even though somethings were a little starry-eyed the romance and the friendship both came together realistically.

Number Two: Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Yeah the weird thing is that Snickers isย probably one of my least favorite candies but freeze it and I am all over it. Chocolate, nuts, caramel, and cold. It’s like all the perfect things coming together. It’s an occasional buy as well because it does not last long in my house.

Great summer read. But honestly just that. Probably won’t remember much about this one next summer except that adorable cover and the ice cream. So that’s something ๐Ÿ™‚

Number One Favorite Ice Cream: Magnum Double Chocolate Iceย Cream Bars

Rachel Bilson Magnum Ice Cream
Rachel Bilson’s ice cream commercials for Magnum sold me.

All of there ice cream is delicious (andย kind of expensive since you don’t get a lot). It’s a total occasional treat. But if I was going to describe this I’d say whatever tastes like luxury to you wrapped up in ice cream.

And back to the book before I have to make an unscheduled trip to the grocery story!

Recommend: Yes. But take it for what it is. A good summer before college coming of age story.