Is that a Classic in my Wrap-Up?

Elizabeth Bennet and a June Wrap Up

I actually read a classic this month! Now I can say with certainty that I have read Pride and Prejudice instead of just wondering if I’m always thinking of the movie. It was actually a really easy read except the whole time I was thinking of the movie!

Personally June was a bore mostly taken up by work, complaining about the heat (I am seriously ready for the holidays) and thinking about what I wanted to do for the rest of the year! Hopefully work will ease up and July can at least be a bit more fun!


goodreads goal

I keep upping my Goodreads goal. If only life were as easy (and as fun) as reading!

I finished 18 books in June including one graphic novel (Mae Vol. 1), a book of poetry (Kumukanda) 3 audiobooks including the admittedly very quick:

Dear Ijeawele

I’ve been wanting to read something from this author for ages and this is a great place to start. I also reread an old favorite in Year Zero because summer is a great time for humanity ending plagues! My favorite read was:

Neverworld Wake

Neverworld Wake

Most Disappointing was probably:

The Poppy War

The Poppy War is about an orphan girl who tests into the prestigious Sinegard military academy and is fairly quickly wrapped up in a huge war. There’s a lot more of course and if you look at Goodreads it gets wonderful reviews (and I picked it up due to a lot of my favorite Youtubers hyping it hard) but it just fell flat for me. As a debut it’s impressive.

But I just felt the story and the character I’ve seen and read before and didn’t particularly connect with any of it.

My No Book Buying Challenge:

Just picture me hanging my head in shame.

Or resting it on my much increased physical TBR.


june films part 1

june films part 2

It was a very film filled month compared to usual. I saw 12 films and started rewatching some of my old favorites like Dave & 3:10 to Yuma. Mostly because I cleaned out my garage from the last time I moved and found them all! 🙂

But The Incredibles 2 was definitely the standout of the month especially among the newer films. I also really loved Love, Simon and would totally recommend checking that one out.

I’m hugely looking forward to Ant-Man and Wasp this Friday. It looks like a great fun film and I’ve been a huge fan of Evangeline Lily since her Lost days (I adored Kate!) and I did love Hope in the first film (save for the fact she should have been the one in the suit) so I can’t wait to see it! Also Mission Impossible: Fallout with Henry Cavil rocking that facial hair and at long last Comic-Con will bring that Aquaman trailer!

Henry Cavill in Fallout
Inserted Cavill shot to end on a high note.

Hope everyone has a wonderful July!



21 thoughts on “Is that a Classic in my Wrap-Up?

  1. I’ve never read P & P but maybe one of these days, I do enjoy the adaptations. I especially enjoyed the Sense & Sensibility adaptation with Emma Thompson.

    Lol about Year Zero. And ooh 3:10 To Yuma- that was SO good.

    Ant Man and the Wasp is almost here! Yay!!

    1. I forgot how great the cast is in 3:10 like Crowe and Bale are fantastic but I always love Alan Tuydk and I actually yelled at realizing Ben Foster was in it!
      I loved Sense and Sensibility the movie but even back when I first saw it I totally would have picked Colonel Brandon over Willoughby and could only ever shake my head at Marianne. Course that could have been my huge Rickman crush!

  2. I listened to We Should All Be Feminists by Adichie and definitely want to read more of her books. I just got Americanah out of the library. Have you read anything else from this author?

    I also liked Kate from Lost. And I totally agree that she should have been in that suit in Antman. Hear hear! 🙂

    I hope work eases off for you, it’s never fun. I’m with you re. the heat, give me mild autumn any day… 🙂 🙂 And I hope you’ll get to take some holiday soon and just relax and read or watch something enjoyable. 🙂

    1. I always thought Kate got shit for being the girl in the love triangle with the two male leads (eye roll here) but anyway I loved her and I think Lily is fantastic!
      I haven’t read more of Adichies work but it’s all lined up for audible because I do really like her narration. She’s so calming 🙂

      1. 💯 % agree. 🙂 I think picking up her other audio books will work for me as well. 🙂

      1. Ha ha! I NEVER have one book going at a time. I usually have 1 ebook, 1 physical, and 1 audio… I think I’m slipping in my old age. 🤔😉😂 Or, just making too many drink pairings?? 🍻🤣

  3. He he…I’ve only just read Pride and Prejudice too (can’t believe it took me all these years) and I thoroughly enjoyed it (and was surprised at what an easy read it was). Likewise had the movie in my mind (but I don’t mind having that particular Darcy in my mind 😉 ).
    3:10 to Yuma is fantastic – I’m long overdue for a rewatch. Have you seen the “oldie” Once Upon a Time in the West…it is excellent. Slow West (a recent western) is also great (although not everyone thinks so).

    1. I haven’t seen Once Upon a Time in the West though I think that was mentioned in Logan and I’ve wanted to watch it. Hopefully I can fit it in this year or put it on my Blind Spot list for next 🙂 I always mean to see/read the classics!

  4. I’ve always really loved your posts – they’re always a lot of fun – and I love them even more now that I know we feel the same way about “The Poppy War”. So disappointing – like watching a train wreck in slow motion – wasn’t one of my upbeat, favorable reviews. Cheers, Brian

  5. Sounds like you had a great month! 12 is a lot of movies!!! I still need to see Jurassic World and Incredibles 2! Congrats on reading a classic 😀 and great choice on which one to read 😉

  6. LoL, about your book buying challenge. I hear ya on that one. You read so many books, that’s amazing! I’m reading You by Caroline Kepnes, right now in anticipation of the Lifetime series. And I just found out there’s a sequel, so I guess I don’t have to be indecisive about my next book to read, LoL.

    I actually bought Love, Simon awhile ago. I can’t wait to read it then watch the movie. The movie looks so good.

    1. I really enjoyed the movie! I think it deserved more love than it seemed to get (of course I didn’t see it in theaters either.) And I know why they did it but I wish they had kept the original name. Anyway I hope you enjoy it!

  7. You read so many books! Such a shame about The Poppy War – I’ve heard so many good things about it. Hahaha I can definitely relate on the No Book Buying challenge, it’s never going to happen. Great post! X

    Evie x |

    1. There were a couple of bloggers who I usually agree with and have the same taste that were just raving about this one! So my expectations were a bit high. I thought the diversity aspect was really good and obviously really important but take that away and it felt like a story I had read a thousand times before. I’d definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts if you read it 🙂

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