My Weird (Possibly Deadly) Dinner Party List

The Dinner List

The Dinner List

By: Rebecca Serle

Grade: C

I picked up The Dinner List from Book of the Month. The story is about a girl whose birthday dinner actually becomes a living answer to that whole make a list of the 5 People You’d Most Want to Dine with. Audrey Hepburn included.

Honestly, the book was okay. Pretty meh. It’s got a love story and says some nice things about life and loss by the end. But I was just hoping for so much more. It does however give me a perfect excuse to the The Dinner Party Tag! Which I naturally couldn’t keep just literary.

I originally saw this on Kristn Kraves Books Blog and put it aside for when I had read The Dinner List.

Character Who Can Cook:

Vianne Roche

Vianne Roche. She makes magic chocolate. That’s enough of a meal for me thank you!

Character with Money who Can Finance the Meal:

alicia vikander as lara croft

Lara Croft. My first thought with this was the Beast- he does have a castle. Not sure about money though and Lara has a ton of money and big ass houses that might as well be castles.

Character who will Cause a Scene:

Now I Rise

Lada from the And I Darken Series. We’ll have to keep her happy to make it out of the dinner alive but that should keep things interesting.

A funny or amusing character:

jack-jack loves cookies

I was going to go with Iko from The Lunar Chronicles because she’s funny and every dinner party needs a robot/AI. But Jack-Jack is just so cute. He can amuse the guests with his many powers and also keep himself busy when the guests get bored with him.

A super social/popular character:

six of crows

I think Nina from Six of Crows because I also think she’d make an excellent hostess when I want to go and read. (And if history is any indiction I definitely would.)

The Villain of the Night:

My first thought was a spoiler so I’ll put it like this…

Sharp Objects

Both the villains from Sharp Objects. Just keep the one away from the kitchen and we’re good.

A Couple (doesn’t have to be romantic):

My first thought with this is always:

game of thrones

Ned and Cat from Game of Thrones mainly so I can make them tell each other all the things they should have said! Also Cat at any kind of dinner party is especially unnerving. Just to keep them company and because some of my other guests are kind of questionable I’d add…

rory and amy in doctor who

Rory and Amy from Doctor Who which once I thought about it would not be a bad fan-cast for a young Ned and Cat. So I’d invite them both!


Princess Leia

Maybe General Leia more so than Princess Leia but still- same person, same idea.

Underappreciated Character:

still the queen of all the mean girls

Regina George from Mean Girls could certainly keep things lively. Maybe she’s not an under appreciated character but I do tend to think it’s an under appreciated performance and she could bring Karen with her for laughs. And now I also can’t help but think Rachel McAdams would have made a fantastic Cersei.

A Guest of My Own Choosing:

I was going to go with Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer but this is my dinner party and he’s runner up to:


Shocking right?


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  1. Hahaha, Jason Momoa = <3! I love your dinner party choices. And I miss Rory and Amy! If I invited them, I’d likely trap them in a hug and ask them to never leave me again.

  2. Regina George is an icon and the best thing about Mean Girls. She’d antagonise and serve some serious back-handed compliments. If you’re having Amma there, the others wouldn’t have any teeth to be able to eat dinner, so you gotta serve some soup because Nina will steal the scene, for sure and Amma will not be happy.

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