Witches, Music & Pie: Graphic Novel Round-Up

chilling adventures of sabrina

I’ve been on a bit of a graphic novel/comics kick recently all over the board really. But I wound up reading Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- which I said I wasn’t going to do! Luckily I think it helped prepare me for the show…

It’s pretty dark. Lots of devil stuff. The Aunts eat people and even though I knew it was going to be way different from the Sabrina I knew and loved it was like whoa, okay. Cool. I won’t give too much away about the story in case the show does follow but I did like the art. It felt very old school and I liked the book and musical/song references throughout.

Also looks wise they cast Madame Satan like really close to the comic!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Recommend: Yes. If you are interested but there is some dark witch/black magic/sacrifice stuff if that might put you off!

Check Please!

Check Please!

By: Ngozi Ukazu

On an utterly different course. Eric Bittle is vlogging his time with his college hockey team. He likes pies, orientation, figure skating and big hot guys. Me: What is not relatable about this guy?

Check Please! is based on a popular web comic and while you can use every word for adorable you can think of the story is more sweet than anything deep so far. That being said I appreciate they didn’t do the typical thing with the rest of his team.

And pie.

He named the oven 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

heavy vinyl

Heavy Vinyl

By: Caryl Usdin, Nina Vakueva

Music. Mysteries. Girl power. Friendship. The 90’s. Enough representation that I probably should have written a list!

Chris has a new job at a cool record store working with the girl of her dreams. Though like most jobs its not without bumps. Like Dolores giving her a hard time. Does Maggie like her back? And then there’s the issue of the missing band members! That could also be a problem.

This has a lot in common with Check Please! though I appreciate the mystery adding to the story. Loved the art.

Though I did find Chris annoying at times and I wish the music references had been real… okay, sorry if they were I didn’t pick up on any of them. 🙂

Recommend: I say yes but… this is one you could probably wait on just as well.



By: Iasmin Omar Ata

Okay, super change of pace. This is a graphic novel about Isaac dealing with his epilepsy as he tries to maneuver a heavy college load and a family who just doesn’t seem to buy he’s sick and sucky experiences with Doctors.

This is based on the authors real life experiences and in that respect I really related to a lot in this one. Although I did see some reviews that thought it just scratched the surface it is his experiences and I think it accomplished what he wanted. I also found Isaac to be a strong and sympathetic character even though he’s kind of flailing for most of the book.

Unfortunately I wasn’t big on the art in this one. Especially in some scenes of dreams/hallucinations/medical crises. I would have liked less dreaminess there and more basic reality stuff.

Recommend: Yes. For the subject matter. Although keep that in mind if stuff about illness bothers you naturally. And there is serious eye trauma in one scene that squeaked me out!



24 thoughts on “Witches, Music & Pie: Graphic Novel Round-Up

    1. The old Sabrina was great. I’m still not sure how I feel about Salem not talking in this one. On the one hand I get it but on the other hand… Salem needs to snark you know?

  1. Great article! I can’t wait to start the Sabrina series on Netflix. It looks so good. Maybe I’ll try to read the graphic novel first. Is it a series or just one book? I’m currently watching The Haunting of Hill House as my Netflix series show now, so maybe after I’ll start the Sabrina series.

    That Hey Vinyl sounds interesting. Adding it to my reading list of books to read but not sure when I’ll get around to actually reading them, LoL.

    The only graphic novel I’ve ever read was Fun Home. The Broadway musical was based on it and the musical did such a great job of adapting the book to a musical.

    1. As far as I can tell it’s a two-parter but I don’t think an actual full on volume 2 is available yet. I noticed their calling the series Part 1 so now I’m wondering how much their going to follow. Episode one was cute and I was so excited for it but right now all I want to do is rewatch Daredevil 🙂 Definitely going to get to Sabrina though!

      1. Cool! I still haven’t started Daredevil yet. I’ve heard such great things about that series. I’ve gotta get on that already…. So many shows I’m behind on. I still haven’t seen Jessica Jones Season Two Yet!

  2. Sabrina sounds AMAZING! 😂😂 Definitely a different pace from what I was expecting… But, I feel like I would love it! I adore graphic novels… I really have to find time to read more of mine!

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