Witches, Music & Pie: Graphic Novel Round-Up

chilling adventures of sabrina

I’ve been on a bit of a graphic novel/comics kick recently all over the board really. But I wound up reading Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- which I said I wasn’t going to do! Luckily I think it helped prepare me for the show…

It’s pretty dark. Lots of devil stuff. The Aunts eat people and even though I knew it was going to be way different from the Sabrina I knew and loved it was like whoa, okay. Cool. I won’t give too much away about the story in case the show does follow but I did like the art. It felt very old school and I liked the book and musical/song references throughout.

Also looks wise they cast Madame Satan like really close to the comic!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Recommend: Yes. If you are interested but there is some dark witch/black magic/sacrifice stuff if that might put you off!

Check Please!

Check Please!

By: Ngozi Ukazu

On an utterly different course. Eric Bittle is vlogging his time with his college hockey team. He likes pies, orientation, figure skating and big hot guys. Me: What is not relatable about this guy?

Check Please! is based on a popular web comic and while you can use every word for adorable you can think of the story is more sweet than anything deep so far. That being said I appreciate they didn’t do the typical thing with the rest of his team.

And pie.

He named the oven šŸ™‚

Recommend: Yes.

heavy vinyl

Heavy Vinyl

By: Caryl Usdin, Nina Vakueva

Music. Mysteries. Girl power. Friendship. The 90’s. Enough representation that I probably should have written a list!

Chris has a new job at a cool record store working with the girl of her dreams. Though like most jobs its not without bumps. Like Dolores giving her a hard time. Does Maggie like her back? And then there’s the issue of the missing band members! That could also be a problem.

This has a lot in common with Check Please! though I appreciate the mystery adding to the story. Loved the art.

Though I did find Chris annoying at times and I wish the music references had been real… okay, sorry if they were I didn’t pick up on any of them. šŸ™‚

Recommend: I say yes but…Ā this is one you could probably wait on just as well.



By: Iasmin Omar Ata

Okay, super change of pace. This is a graphic novel about Isaac dealing with his epilepsy as he tries to maneuver a heavy college load and a family who just doesn’t seem to buy he’s sick and sucky experiences with Doctors.

This is based on the authors real life experiences and in that respect I really related to a lot in this one. Although I did see some reviews that thought it just scratched the surface it is his experiences and I think it accomplished what he wanted. I also found Isaac to be a strong and sympathetic character even though he’s kind of flailing for most of the book.

Unfortunately I wasn’t big on the art in this one. Especially in some scenes of dreams/hallucinations/medical crises. I would have liked less dreaminess there and more basic reality stuff.

Recommend: Yes. For the subject matter. Although keep that in mind if stuff about illness bothers you naturally. And there is serious eye trauma in one scene that squeaked me out!