Outrun Your Fate

Outrun the Wind

By: Elizabeth Tammi

Available: November 27th

Of all the myth retellings that I’ve read or even heard of recently the story of Atalanta, who challenged her suitors to footraces in order to stay unmarried while still collecting their money, is not one that I see around a lot. Turns out it is more than worthy of a retelling.

The story is told in two point of views. Atalanta raised by hunters and returned home to her family just about the time they need a good woman to sell off. She’s also managed to piss off the Goddess Artemis.

The other POV is Kahina a huntress hiding from Apollo who finds herself banished to Atalanta’s home to complete a mission for Artemis. The Gods play heavy in the beginning and end. And for some reason I could not help but see Apollo as Battlestar Galactica era Jamie Bamber. No clue why.

The girls aren’t friends at first but indeed understanding grows between them. They both want nothing more than to be free of impossible situations. Eventually this even leads to more than friendship blossoming. Which despite my usual anti-romance/love stance I actually liked the slowness of it.

Outrun the Wind is an enjoyable read and I liked both characters. I loved the idea of them using Atalanta’s skills to their benefit. The worst of the suitors are appreciably awful. And I did like the main supporting characters.

I do think it went a little over the top in the end when the Gods got involved. Which is perhaps a strange thing to say they are Gods after all and don’t tend to be known for being understated. But the end also felt hurried. I also felt there were times when Atalanta got a way with a bit more than she would have.

***Netgalley provided me with a copy of Outrun the Wind for an honest review.

Recommend: Yes. Despite some quibbles with the end if you’re looking for a good retelling, not one thats been overdone either, and a F/F slow-burn love give Outrun the Wind a whirl.


  1. “And for some reason I could not help but see Apollo as Battlestar Galactica era Jamie Bamber. No clue why.” Hilarious. I would totally do the same thing!

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