The Princesses Break the Internet

The Princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Directed By: Rich Moore & Phil Johnston 

Grade: B+

The Princesses were the part of Ralph Breaks the Internet that I was most looking forward to and, to be honest, they were my favorite part. Well, tied with Vanellope’s awesome Princess song.

But the movie overall was very enjoyable. As Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) take to the Internet to find a replacement part for her game.

I liked this a bit more than the original. I think the Internet jokes and all the cameos are more fun for the adults in all honesty. Though the kids will like the fast and bright animation.

The Internet in Ralph Breaks the Internet
Welcome to the Internet
There’s also a good message and story in Vanellope and Ralph’s friendship and how people, friends, can grow and change and need to accept that reality.
The voice work is fine. All the Princesses were the original voice actors. Like I said Vanellope’s song was so much fun and honestly probably one of my favorite animated songs recently. Gal Gadot looks just as beautiful animated… and she was good. I didn’t think about Wonder Woman at all.
Gal Gadot as Shank in Ralph Breaks the Internet
Shank gives friendship advice.

On the other hand I do think the movie could have moved a little faster. Although I’m honestly not sure what I would have cut. By the time the final action started I was thinking, this should have been sooner.

There was also something creepy about the ending. And Ralph holding on a little too hard to Vanellope right before that started there was a single moment at Know it All’s desk where he gives someone the address of their old college girlfriend… it just felt off and made me cringe.

John C. Reilly as Ralph in Ralph Breaks the Internet
Ralph learns to let go.

Still of the three movies I was most excited about this month Ralph was probably the most straight-up enjoyable.Β 

Recommend: Yes.Β