5 Reasons to Watch The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles

Directed by: Clay Katis

So Christmas/Holiday themed movies can be very hit or miss for me. I have certain things I don’t like that (almost all) the television movies fall victim to. Hell, they don’t just fall victim to it they embrace the tropes and wring them out until there’s nothing left but sad little tissues on the ground crying, “Just because it’s Christmas maybe  you shouldn’t have married the guy you only knew for a week…”

But I digress.

The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix) was full of tropes of its own of course. But it was adorable and fun and here are 5 Reasons to watch it:

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. I’ve always at least liked the guy and he was awesome here. He was having fun. He knew exactly what type of movie he was in and went with it.

No Romance!

Okay, the trade off is annoying kids who need to save Christmas (after endangering it.)

Kate Pierce

But honestly their performances weren’t awful and I liked that it was a brother and sister relationship.

Jailhouse Santa

Jailhouse Santa in Christmas Chronicles

I knew the sing along was coming Often Off Topic talked about it in her review. But it was just over the top enough to make me smile and usually I run screaming from anything resembling this kind of cheese.

The Elves were adorable & I liked how they did the North Pole…

North Pole elves

Look at these guys! And when even my mom thinks something is adorable without rolling her eyes you’ve pretty much hit the mark. I would so buy a plush of these! The other thing with these movies is you expect shoddy effects and there were some here and there but overall I think they made good use of it.

Mrs. Claus

the elves get to work

It’s just a little cameo in the end and if I had heard about it before it must have gone over my head. You can guess who it is from the minute she appears but I admit I was a little overexcited. I’ve always loved her as well.

So yeah The Christmas Chronicles is exactly what you think it’s going to be. But does what it needs to do well. Has a fun Santa Claus and overall was just an enjoyable, cute film for the holidays.

Recommend: Yes. This is also a cute one to watch with the kids!

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Watch The Christmas Chronicles

  1. I’ve been thinking about watching for a while given it’s on Netflix. I’ll download it on my tablet so I have something to watch on my train journey and get into a festive mood. 😊👌
    Great review, glad to hear you enjoyed it

  2. I didn’t know the name of the movie, but I saw it a few days ago. Think I need new glasses and hearing aids as I didn’t recognize Kurt Russell. My friends were showing it to their children when I was visiting. I wasn’t familiar with the movie so I didn’t know what to expect.

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