The Path of Life and Love: One Day in December

one day in december

One Day in December

By: Josie Silver

Grade: B

I picked this up from Book of the Month knowing that because of the title if I didn’t actually read it this month it would probably sit on the shelf for a year. Like sitting around waiting for the dreamy guy you saw at a bus stop. See? The good thing about celebrity fantasies (hello Jason!) you know they aren’t going to turn up on the arm of your best friend.

Unless she’s seriously not telling me something…

Laurie and Jack see each other at a bus stop one snowy December night. She spends the next year looking for him until he turns up with her best friend Sarah- the new love of Sarah’s life.

This starts a ten-year long friendship in which they never really let go of the idea of each other and Jack turns into a bit of an unlikeable dick for a long swath of time.

I liked the idea of One Day in December- the idea that sometimes life intervenes in true love or even just love. That it’s not a book. There are other things to take into consideration. Other people’s feelings you value. And life has many paths other people you may love and other journey’s you may need to take.

I love that stuff. Also much appreciated was Laurie’s twisting career path. It takes a typical book romance and makes it and the characters feel real to me. But in the end its still a book romance and around 2012 (it runs from 2008 to current times) I was mostly like let’s just reach the inevitable conclusion.

Whether it reached the inevitable conclusion or not you can find out for yourselves. Though I did think the end was a bit over the top. Overall I’d still say this is a cute book and a good holiday read. It’s not to taxing and easy to pick up and put down again if you’re busy.

It just didn’t need to be a whole decade long πŸ™‚

Recommend: Yes.Β