It’s Almost Time…

all i want for christmas


It’s almost time for Aquaman!

And Christmas… Christmas to. Seems like a good time to do a Christmas Tag and I’ve been reasonable so Jason’s going to pop up on this one. Trust me. I saw this tag on the Karis Books blog during her excellent Blogmas events. The original was created on Youtube by A Thousand Lives of Daisy.

1. Which fictional character do you want Santa to leave you under the tree?

arthur curry is pissed

Gee, surprising no one I’m sure! But seriously check out his behind the scenes Youtube channel aside from being adorable, funny, sweet and in a tub eating pasta it’s actually an interesting look at a press tour.

2. Which fictional character would you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Well, see above but in the interest of changing it up I think I will also always have a crush on:


Aragon. But you could also add to that dirty Jaime Lannister, Tony Stark, 80% of the characters Tom Hardy has played, Meera, Amy Pond, Catelyn Stark, the Punisher, etc.

3. Make a list for Santa. What would your top 5 X-Mas books be?

I’m not going to say that one that’s not published yet (Winds…) but honestly I would love the hardback editions of A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows and Dance of Dragons as I only ever had them on my Kindle.

4. It’s Secret Santa at Hogwarts… What gift would you love?

The Marauder’s Map as it’s an easy way to avoid the people you don’t want to run into but also be a bit of a snoop. 🙂

5. You get to spend the day with characters and movie adaptation actors from one fandom. What do you pick?

game of thrones

Okay, this is my choice if I can pick the actors though. Obviously Jason 🙂 and I would love to hang out and go to dinner with Lena Headey, Michelle Fairley, Gwendolyn Christie and Emilia Clarke. And anything with Iain Glen speaking but other than that forget it. If I can’t pick and it has to be the whole cast…

Avengers Infinity War

Then I guess I’d say Marvel across the board.

6. Fictional animal I would chose to replace Rudolph and meet on the roof?

I love all fictional animals hence I could never replace Rudolph.

7. 10 Fictional Character to Invite to your New Years Eve Party:

Villanelle from Killing Eve

Eddie Brock from Venom

Gertrude from I Hate Fairyland

I Hate Fairyland Sadly Never After

Janet from The Good Place

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreations

Baltar and Six from Battlestar Galactica

Hermione from Harry Potter

Nifler from Fantastic Beasts

Minya from Muse of Nightmares

8. What character would make a good Santa Claus?

anne of green gables

I feel very strongly that Anne Shirley would be the best Santa!

In the spirit of Christmas (and Aquaman) I tag everyone who wants to do this one!



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  1. What a fun tag. Aquaman is certainly featured in many dreams. And I’m totally with you re. Aragorn. 🙂
    I may do this tag as well, it would certainly be fun to write. 🙂

  2. …. In a tub eating pasta?? 🛀🤔 I will definitely have to check that out!! I’m totally with you choosing Amy Pond to crush on!!…. Throw Rory in there, too though. I’ll take the whole couple. Is that weird? 😘
    And YES!! RON SWANSON!! He is the greatest!! Actually, Nick Offerman in or out of character is ok with me!! And throw in Megan Mullally and that’s ANOTHER couple I wouldn’t mind joining! 🤔😅… Ok. This is getting out of hand now… 😂🍻

    1. Jason in a cool swank tub eating a plate of pasta! My favorite things 🙂 It was like the man was acting out my fan fiction there.
      I love Offerman and Mullally. She guest starred in a couple of Parks and Recs as his ex and was hysterical I’d love to see them do more together!

    1. We certainly seem to have the same taste in men I’ll probably never meet 🙂 And I’m just grateful Hardy’s hair grew back… if it’s some kind of hair piece never tell me!

  3. I absolutely loved all your answers. 😀 I would’ve picked the cast of GOT as well. I absolutely love and Lena Headey and Sophie Turner. <3 They both seem really cool!

  4. You have great taste in men and women, and yes, so glad to see Catelyn Stark in there, she was such an underrated and under-appreciated spice.

    Pair that with the invisibility cloak and you’ll have a whole load of gossip to scoop. 😪

    Gwendoline Christie would be so much fun! I mean, have you seen her dancing? The goofiest dancing ever. 😍 I feel like Emilia Clarke is so energetic, she never seems to run out of it that I’ll eventually feel pretty drained. I love her, but in small doses.

    Ron Swanson seems like he’d rather stay home. 😂

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