What Would You Do?

My Sister, the Serial Killer

My Sister, the Serial Killer

By: Oyinkan Braithwaite

Grade: A

At what point do you realize there might be a problem? That your sibling might actually be a serial killer? That maybe not all these guys where not abusive assholes trying to kill her who helpfully turned around to let her stab them in the back…

You never know.

That’s what our main character Korede starts to realize after helping her sister dispose of body number three. The two of them have always been close. But this one has gotten to Korede who wonders about the victim and worries about the consequences meanwhile Ayoola’s mainly worried up keeping her Instagram updated.

This is a fun book despite the subject matter. Strong writing and characters. I couldn’t help think it would make a great film. Ayoola could have gotten annoying but she’s kept to just a good amount so that you can only laugh when something out there and oblivious escapes from her mouth.

And points that even though I often wondered why Korede is putting up with this shit I did find her actions believable. I mean this is going to be one of those things where you ask yourself what would you do and thoughts on the novel might be affected by your answer. But I bought it.

I also liked the idea of Korede’s plainness contributing to this disappeared put-upon factor of her character versus the extreme beauty that let’s Ayoola get away with being essentially a sociopath. I mean when one idiot is warned that she’s violent and then outright told he’s like, “Ha. Ha. You’re just jealous that’s she hot and you aren’t.”

Unfortunately from that point on I couldn’t feel sorry for him.

But I believe that beauty is up there with money in how people live and get away with things others wouldn’t be able to.

So all in all a really strong read. (Actually I listened to and recommend the audio book.) I will definitely watch for and pick up Oyinkan Braithwaite’s future releases.

Recommend: Yes.

9 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. This WOULD make a great movie! Or a really interesting TV show!

    I also got frustrated when Tade was like “You’re just jealous because she’s prettier than you!” I mean, on the one hand you have a woman you know and have trusted for years, and on the other hand you have a woman you barely know but can already tell is a spoiled brat. You’re really going to believe the brat? Also, WHO THE HELL makes up a lie like THAT to get a guy to stop seeing a girl? You would totally be like “She has herpes” or something, not “She killed her last three boyfriends.”

    1. That made me so mad! And not even that she killed her last boyfriend but 3 and he’s like nah, she’s hot so that can’t be true :/ Seriously a book about a sociopath and the sister helping her and that’s the character that makes me maddest!

      1. I was totally disappointed. But I guess maybe the book would have been less interesting if he’d been the stereotypical sensitive guy we’re kind of expecting him to be.

  2. So… is she like the female Ted Bundy but less of psychopath? I don’t think we get enough of hot female characters going psycho, so I can’t wait to read this, at the same time, I feel like characters that are beautiful are always despised for their beauty at first as if that’s all there is to them e.g. Fleur Delacour, it’s like there’s always there’s a need for them to prove that they’re more than just hot *smh* I want a book that also shows the downsides of being beautiful because trust me there are some that are really hurtful.

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