Space is too Big & Cool for Earth Style Bullshit…

Honor Bound

Honor Bound

By: Ann Aguirre and Rachel Caine

So after the first book Honor Among Thieves once the MC Zara bonds with the Leviathan ship I couldn’t help think there were certain elements that where described as near sexual. Not to mention Zara’s growing attraction to her ship mate Bea.

And yeah, she starts thinking threesome with the ship here. Which naturally made the super mature me go, “I knew it!”

But also where would alien space ship fall under sexuality? I suppose that’s definitely in the old “other” category on the old book chart I’m keeping this year.

Ship bonding sexy talk aside this was probably my most awaited sequel. I loved the first book where we follow Zara and Bea chosen to guide the ship Nadim on a journey. It’s a great honor. Actually called the Honors Program but all three of them came to learn it’s hiding a big old secret.

Without giving away any of those secrets Zara, Bea and Nadim (along with several friends) are now in deeper space than they’ve ever been running from an impossible threat and Zara is determined to do everything she can to save her friends and unfortunately…




I love her an all. She’s a great character. I appreciate her willingness to learn and adjust as a reader but good Leviathan there was some seriously questionable decision making going on in this book! Like smack your head decision making and Zara does at times border on the edge of obnoxious. Luckily I pretty much love all the supporting characters.

The characters are wonderfully diverse and I did appreciate as they explored space deeper Zara and the others sought to actually learn about the new races including learning about they should refer to them as naturally our society’s sexual and gender constricts wouldn’t apply to actual space aliens. So good on that book!

Aside for Zara’s poor but well-meant decision making there’s so much space world-building and somewhat exploring the mythology that the other thread of a threat from Zara’s past coming seems rather pointless. But we shall see how that goes. Still loving the series, the characters and the adventure and hopefully if book three goes with the threesome I’ll be even more mature by then!

Recommend: Yes. I definitely think this is a fun space adventure with great characters.

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  1. I hate decision making like that, but otherwise this sounds really good! It seems like there’s been so much good SF lately. Definitely adding this series.

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