Dumbo is the Cutest Movie Character Ever



Directed By: Tim Burton

The one thing I was sure about this movie was it would make me cry. I teared up in the bloody trailers! And boy those big adorable eyes!

His mom!

I cried like fifteen times in this movie. Dumbo was the cutest thing ever. The humans left a lot to be desired but that’s usually the case.

human people in Dumbo

The performances were all fine. Don’t get me wrong. Michael Keaton seemed to be enjoying himself (and I think the blonde hair was so off-putting!) plus I give Eva Green points just for being Eva Green (she’s forever my Poison Ivy fan choice in my mind.) But the characters themselves pretty cut and dry and the elephant stole the show.


There’s one scene where he’s watching a performance of dancing elephant bubbles and he almost starts dancing and it is just adorable. Utterly enchanting and I’m someone who usually doesn’t love long takes like that but I could have watched him watched the bubbles for another five minutes.

But besides utterly nailing Dumbo the movie never really took off for me. I think that scene was kind of part of the problem because I kept expecting it to after that. I kept expecting to be swept along and in too many ways it felt like just going through the motions.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 9.34.16 PM

Costuming, set design and the sequences all looked fine. I also appreciated the brother and sister relationship.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 9.43.35 PM

The dialogue is a little clunky in places. One bad guy is actually wearing elephant skinned boots. My friend said Colette (Eva Green) changed a little too quickly but that worked for me. I mean in the one corner a dude who doesn’t put up your nets and tells you danger brings in more money and in the other corner adorable elephant and guy who saves your life.

I don’t know. Not much of a conundrum there for me.

I think young kids would really be swept in this however and I did appreciate the message of the film.

Recommend: See it for Dumbo! But this is another one that, in all honesty, that can easily wait for home viewing.

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  1. I have nervous breakdown whenever something remotely stessful happens to adorable cgi creatures so I dont know if I ever bring myself to watching this

  2. Oh gosh, I really, really want to see this, but I’m like you – I already cried while watching the trailer & I suspect I’ll be in tears the whole movie^^

    I better wait & watch it at home.

    Animals..man… get me all the time!

    Hundreds of people get shot, a main character dies, I might be unhappy about it but ok.

    An animal looks sad & I burst into tears!

  3. I agree with you! Dumbo was absolutely adorable but the movie focused too much on the human characters. I honestly thought Michael Keaton’s hair was going to fall off his head at one point, it was so distracting!

  4. Good review! I was worried about what Tim Burton would do with it. The original one makes me bawl like a baby. When they take his mom away and he sneaks off to visit her?? My heart. I’m going to wait and watch this one at home. Don’t want to be a blubbering mess at the theater lol

  5. Oh my god, he looks adorable! And yes yes YES, Eva Green would kill it as Poison Ivy. I mean, she would kill it as anyone, but now you got me imagining her and Margot Robbie in a movie together and I think the chemistry would be amazing???

    1. They’d have great chemistry! As much as I would have preferred Gotham City Sirens I’m almost glad they didn’t yet. The casting probably wouldn’t have lived up to my head casting!

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