My Top Disney Princess Looks

naomi scott in aladdin

So I saw the new Aladdin and liked it far more than I thought I would from the previews to be honest. It wasn’t great but having never seen the original I can’t compare it to anything. The new film did shoot Jasmine up into my top three Disney Princesses.

And not just because she’s so stylish although that did play a big part.

It also got me thinking about what the best Disney Princess (official and unofficial) looks actually are…

Runners up based in large part on great hair:

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

I loved both the Endor look (looks) and the white Hoth look. She knew how to dress for her environment. She also made great use of braids and good make-up in those.


flynn and rapunzel
Plus she had the best “Prince” Charming.

Rapunzel is famous for her hair of course but I loved the intricately woven flowers in the braid in the movie. I also did like her dress but the hair was just amazing. I wanted to go and spend hours and hours doing it myself.

Okay- outside of hair:

modern princesses

modern princess look number 2

I loved the Modern Updated look all of the Princesses got in Ralph Breaks the Internet especially Anna’s look. Also I would legitimately buy a Nap Queen sweater.

My number 3 isn’t really a Princess technically but I think I would wear everything she wore in the films. If I knew Pirates. Or even had a ship…

Elizabeth and Will in Pirates

I loved Elizabeth’s rich girl look.

elizabeth swann pirate king

Loved all the assorted Pirate looks.

Actually I even loved her night clothes…

elizabeth on the black pearl

It looks so damned comfortable and the embroidery on that robe is (though hard to see here) really delicate and lovely.

princess jasmin in aladdin

The details and colors in Jasmine’s wardrobe are so beautifully done. I loved that a lot of the look had pants. It had this exquisite feel to it that looked both royal and impressive but also comfortable.

Plus she has a tiger!

casual princess jasmin

Even the “casual” look was beautifully done and she could move around in it with such ease πŸ™‚ I think honestly in terms of cloths comfort is my number one wish.

But I think personally my favorite look is still Belle.

Can a library be a look?

Belle's casual look

I actually would wear this anywhere. Especially the top part- and I think it would work and be really versatile as separates. Plus I like the simple hair.


belle in the snow

I especially love her red winter look.

I think both Belle and Jasmine’s looks translated very well from animated. They kept the fairy tale element with the almost doll like fragile beauty to the pieces but manage to be very wearable. Honestly I think my favorite part of both Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin live-action updates are the costuming of the Princesses.

Forget the Prince’s (or the Pirate) the real romance for me in these films is the idea of a perfect wardrobe, flawless hair, a castle library and a tiger side kick.