Older, Aching & Not Ready for Battle: Kings of the Wyld

Kings of the Wyld

Kings of the Wyld

By: Nicholas Eames

A group of middle-aged slightly gone to pot former mercenaries get the band back together to go and rescue one’s daughter in a wild adventure through deadly woods and tangle with all sorts of monsters. Not the least of which is that life didn’t turn out as expected and they’re all falling apart in one way or another.

And yes once Stranger Things 3 dropped I had my immediate fan/ headrest as Clay.

Hopper and Murray face the children
Hopper not Murray!

The quiet stalwart leader of the group who will still totally throw some annoying character over the side of an airship without a second thought. Who wants to do the right thing but would also just like to be home with his wife and daughter. David Harbour would be perfect and I could not not see Woody Harrelson either as Moog the wizard of the group of Gabe the depressed father.

Kings of the Wyld was overall a fun read. It does get a little strange at times even to the point of taking me out of it here and there at least in the beginning. Like the fame and the modern touches to the mercenaries but I adjusted and it grew on me until I rather liked that.

It’s also got some goofy elements in the beginning that do taper off as the journey gets more serious.

I saw some reviews on Goodreads lamenting the lack of good female characters which I am sensitive to on the one hand but on the other I kind of feel like you get what you pay for (and its not like it was selling female characters) but after reading the book I felt it was a bit unfair regardless. We do get some female characters including a cool antagonist, a female group of robbers that are some of the best fighters and I enjoyed the small bits with the Queen.

She reminded me a bit of Cersei except she was sleeping with everyone and not really trying to hide the fact she was attempting to kill the King.

So overall Kings of the Wyld may take some getting into but it was a good read and actually some surprises at the end make me very interested in the sequel.

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Interesting! Gotta say I like the sound of this one! And with a character in it that reminds you of Cersei (well a bit anyway) that sounds good too! Guess I am adding this one to my to read list! Always love stories such as these! And who knows? A movie might already even be in the works. At least you made it easy for them having already done the casting lol. Great post! 😊

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