Witches, Cats, Thrones & My Childhood Fav Returns

Henry Cavil in the Witcher

So Comic-Con is still bringing lots of trailers and information and we haven’t even hit Marvel yet. And there’s also that trailer that wasn’t at comic-con and I think I’ve finally made my peace with Game of Thrones- even that one lingering question that I’d still like an answer to.

I think we’ve hit the one thing I won’t do for Taylor πŸ™‚

No I mean this looks unnerving and weird and I’m not a big fan of the musical anyway. My roommate says she’ll go as long as its a theater that serves alcohol which I can kind of see her point. Maybe we’ll get more used to the look of the cats with more trailers?

Victoria the white in Cats

The Witcher trailer also debuted

I’m a little torn on this one. I don’t know the source material so I don’t have the passion for it some people have. The series doesn’t look great but it could be interesting I especially like the look of the female characters.

It’s definitely falling under the I’m intrigued enough to watch but I don’t have much hope… but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised?

The original Top Gun is the movie of my childhood. I know, I know but I started young with a liking for cocky guys in uniforms. My mother likes to joke that if they had instant replay and such in those days she would have been fine leaving me without a sitter I was so enthralled.

The trailers pretty but there’s not much to it except the slightly sad implication that Maverick literally hasn’t changed. I’m telling myself this ones still pretty far away so maybe I’ll get more excited. Hopefully…

I’m definitely more excited for that Amazon show The Boys. It’s getting good reviews and I picked up a couple volumes of the comic. It looks at least like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And Karl Urban is hot so it looks like it will be a good summer watch!

jon and dany in the iron throne

Finally there was a good-bye to Game of Thrones panel. David Benioff and DB Weiss backed out which is a shame though I doubt they would have answered any real questions and the last one I wanted answered is:

Why did they cut Stoneheart? And what purpose did bringing back Beric instead have for the show?

There have been bullshit answers in the past but none that I bought especially considering Martin’s insistence that she is important and it was a mistake. But since Comic-Con is a time for contemplation πŸ™‚ naturally I have to admit I think I already know the answer and there’s probably nothing they could say that I would buy so it’s time to let that one go to Thrones is dead and now the important things:

What are Marvel’s plans for Keanu?

Is Superman really done with Cavill?

When does Stranger Things come back?

And that new Internet question what’s scarier- Pennywise or the Cats Trailer?

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Witches, Cats, Thrones & My Childhood Fav Returns

  1. I’m not sure what I think of The Witcher. I don’t really know all the background but I see a lot of fandom love, so… maybe it’ll be good?

    Wait… Keanu?

  2. That Witcher trailer is really cheap. HBO released Watchmen and Westworld trailers that are so so much better edited than this. Netflix can make really good trailers so this is very worrying and suggests this is the best they could do, on top of that the show looks generic, the costumes and interiors look boring AND Cavill cannot carry the entire show. Marvel won the whole thing again but let’s face it for me the second Daddy Hopper appeared on stage they did πŸ˜›

    1. I don’t know I thought season 2 of Westworld was such a mess I just can’t get excited for another one. I’ll probably wait on that one and see. Daddy Hopper, Florence and Rachel Weisz πŸ™‚ Maybe Black Widow will actually be a good one!

  3. I was honestly expecting something MUCH worse from the Witcher trailer, so I’m not too unhappy about what we got! I still don’t have high expectations for the show itself, though. πŸ˜› And one thing that really bothers me is how cheap the costumes look. I figure GoT would have raised Hollywood’s standards for fantasy-medieval costuming.

  4. Oo! Interesting. I didn’t know that Stoneheart would be important, what are your thoughts on the role she’ll play in the books? I think Beric’s significance was meant to be attached to Stoneheart in some way, but since they cut Stoneheart out, he simply served as a tool for Arya to fulfil her purpose in the show. But Lady Stoneheart was almost a big a shock as the Red Wedding, I actually gasped out loud. Can’t wait to read more DarkCat! She gives me the creeps.

    1. Well Martin says she’s going to be important but who knows with him πŸ™‚
      I think she takes out the Frey’s though since they aren’t even on Arya’s list. It will be interesting to see if she does it with help from Jaime or not. But in the end I always like the theory she’s there for Arya and Arya will be the one to finally close her eyes for good. Show Beric and the Brotherhood were so different its hard to say but if she is going North that could mean a run in with Jon. At this point though I’m just hoping to see some conclusion to the Brienne/Jaime/Stoneheart showdown!

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