The Cutest Little Book!

the book charmer

The Book Charmer

By: Karen Hawkins

I received an ARC of The Book Charmer from Netgalley in return for an honest opinion. And my honest opinion is if this book was an animal of some sort I’d be on the floor scratching its belly cooing, “Aren’t you just the cutest little thing ever!”

Sarah Dove is the librarian of her small town. Books talk to her (and she to them) which provides her with the magical ability to find the perfect book for any person when they need it most. Unfortunately Dove Pond is broke and failing fast.

So immediately the book thing was the big draw for me.

Enter Grace a newcomer to town with the niece she’s newly raising and her mother whose fading fast from dementia. She takes the job as town clerk but she doesn’t even want to stay no less save it despite what Sarah might want and expect from her. Also despite a hot neighbor who looks like Khal Drogo which was I got to admit another big draw 🙂

I really enjoyed The Book Charmer- I don’t read a lot of books along these lines that you know, are screaming for an old school Hallmark movie. The town and townspeople could get a little too cutesy at times and have me rolling my eyes and while precocious sad child and dying old woman spouting off truths has been done before I give the book points for handling the dementia well.

The ARC did have some mistakes that I’m sure editing will fix. I don’t count them against ARCS I only mention it because they did take me out of the read here and there so I’m thinking it will flow even better with editing.

Also The Book Charmer as a title might be a little off because this is really Grace’s story. Though part of a Dove Pond series I’m assuming Sarah gets the next book. Don’t get me wrong Sarah gets a POV and is important but its still Grace’s story in the end.

Recommend: Yes! I mean a girl who talks to books, a cat called Killer and a love interest who looks like Jason Momoa… Despite some small issues its still a fun summer read and an overall charming little book.

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  1. Psychic, but make it for bookworms who are just trying to find that 5* read. How amazing would that be, if libraries and bookstores could find you the right book that you’re in the mood for… maybe that’s something we can do with technology.

    Sounds like it was a good, simply and lighthearted read… can’t have enough of them!

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