Midsommar at Last

Florence Pugh in midsommar


Directed By: Ari Aster

Midsommar was one of my most anticipated movies of the year which I promptly missed in theaters so became one of my top 3 must catch up on and I finally managed to!

After suffering a horrible tragedy Dani (the amazing Florence Pugh) travels to Sweden with her not great boyfriend and his idiot buddies to view this strange midsommar festival. It’s this near idyllic place that feels like you’re in a dream (or more apt for the movie a drug-induced state) for about ten minutes and then it gets violent as the sacrifices start.

midsommar cast

As we go on and people start to disappear- Dani begins questioning everything and people begin to fray. Will she make it out alive? Can she? Does she even want to?

I’m glad I finally watched Midsommar- I thought it was interesting, different and while the bodily stuff (like the statues) creeps me the hell out I was appreciative that the violence was mostly kept off-screen. I have to say though I’m not sorry I didn’t see it in theaters. I spoiled myself silly so I don’t think it had the emotional hit it might have but I do appreciate that I had a better idea of what this stuff was based on and what Aster was trying to do.

Florence Pugh

It’s a story that’s more creepy and even sad that outright horror- but that’s what works. It creeps under your skin and sticks around.

I’ll definitely watch more of his films in the future. I can’t wait to see Florence Pugh play Amy in Little Women next month but I doubt I’ll ever watch this one again.

Recommend: Yes but- I would say this is one that’s not for everyone. If you were interested or even on the fence about it I say give it a go it’s worth the watch.



10 thoughts on “Midsommar at Last

  1. Midsommar is one of those films that when it’s good, it’s good in spite of itself. It doesn’t make mistakes as frequently as Hereditary, but I feel if you were to take away the artsy stuff, you’d be left with an incredibly basic horror film that comes across as light years behind what Jordan Peele has done in the past few years.

  2. This is still one of my favorites of the year. I went in pretty blind to spoilers and I definitely think that helped. I agree it’s not for everyone though.

  3. … and then the sacrifices start. Oh yeah, I’m going to watch the hell out of this. I’m quite surprised, based on those pictures I would have thought it looked more like a communal retreat than a horror flick.

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