Some Things to Look Forward to…

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George R.R. Martin has stated that he’s using self-isolation to spend a lot of time in Westeros. And he even confirmed he’s talking about the Winds of Winter and not some side-project!

I mean I’ll believe it when it’s in my hands and I’m reading the Stoneheart, Jaime, Brienne showdown or the true Battle for Winterfell (#Stannislives). But I’ll take what I can hope for right now!

It’s also been reported that Jon (I can only be in movies ten minutes tops) Bernthal is going to be starring in a pilot for Showtime. A remake of American Gigolo. I’m telling myself that the current mess isn’t going to tank any projects just put them off.

jon bernthal in ford v ferrari

I’ve never had any desire to see the movie (still don’t) so I could be way off but hey it has gigolo in the title and it’s on Showtime so sex and nudity are a definite likelihood.

Lastly there’s some pretty big Mandalorian casting news. It’s all over the place now but I’m going to speculate what it might mean below so…

Spoilerish News!

Baby Yoda

But apparently Rosario Dawson has been cast as the live-action version of Ashoka Tano. I know she’s a fancast and everything honestly I don’t care one way or another about Dawson but Tano appearing on the show when she was last seen with Sabine and the Dark Saber.

Also it’s potentially important for his search for Baby Yoda’s people at least in the sense if he actually gets to Ahsoka he’s going to connect him to the Jedi. Or perhaps she’s a prisoner of Moff Gideon?

Of course I mean she could be playing Ahsoka in the last five minutes of season 2 and we have to wait even longer for season 3.

But like I said I’m trying to look on the bright side and Ahsoka in live-action is fantastic plus it means that likely the Mandolorian is not going to drag story wise. Plenty to speculate on for the next couple of months!


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  1. I was just thinking about the winds of Winter the other day and wondering if it was any closer (cue laughter). So that’s maybe good news haha? And yes I need to see #StannisLives. 🙂

    The Mandalorian news is cool.

  2. Ooh. I still don’t know about Stannis surviving, but Shireen’s death has always been confirmed as one of three shocking moments (Hodor and the third is probably Dany then? Or Bran becoming king?), so my thoughts are that Stannis would have to die if that did happen. I can’t see even Davos letting him live after that. Or maybe it’s just Selyse and Melisandre who sacrifice Shireen? Also, what’s going to happen to Yara?! I want to know more about book Euron. Book Euron gave me shivers like no other character in the series has given me. Calculated cruelty that Ramsay can’t inspire purely because Euron is far more shrewd and conniving than Ramsay could ever be.

    1. I think Stannis will survive the battle and take Winterfell but either he’ll be badly wounded or my pet theory since they always used Ramsay being able to be Reek in the book that Ramsey will hide and he’ll either kill Stannis in Winterfell and Theon will kill him there or something along those lines. The North is in such a state he could pretty much die a million different ways I just mostly think he’ll take Winterfell.

      It will be interesting to see to what Littlefinger does at that point since he does have the only known living heir to Winterfell. I’d love to see Sansa convince him to play his hand too early and her as Lady of Winterfell by the end of Winds of Winter.

      1. Ooh! That actually sounds crazy fun. I kinda still want Sansa to murder Ramsay, but Sansa doesn’t know Ramsay at this point in the book. Which leads me to wonder that once Jon is revived, would Theon call Jon back to winterfell and then Sansa joins hearing the news?

        I can see Sansa being able to convince Littlefinger. It’s interesting because when you look at the hedge knights theory in comparison to Sansa, she doesn’t marry any of the five (I’m not too sure about the last), so I can see Sansa heading straight to Winterfell to rebuild it. I wonder how Littlefinger’s death will come about in the books because last I remembered Arya’s still in Braavos, I wonder how she heads back and what she does on the road to Winterfell. There isn’t any Night King for Arya to take out in the books, so what will Arya’s future look like in the books? Arya’s story is the least uncertain.

      2. In my heart I’m truly a believer in the theory Arya is running into her mother again the vengeance justice angle between the two stories is just too strong as well as Arya’s ties and travels in the Riverlands. I’ve always thought she’d close Cat’s eyes for the last time and that would snap her out of it and send her home.

        I don’t know about Littlefinger’s fate Martin said for a while that character was way different in the show so it’s hard to see how it will play out. Considering the damage he’s caused I’d kind of like to see him have a pointless obscure death. But perhaps the house takes a contract on him, sends Arya, the sisters are reunited and then they run into Stoneheart?

        Perhaps it’s silly but I would really like to have Catelyn some knowledge and moment of peace that her daughters are together and headed back to Winterfell (perhaps with Brienne) before she dies for good. Maybe she even gives them the crown?

      3. I can see Arya and Cat teaming up, and Cat taking it way too far. But how Arya gets to the riverlands will be really interesting to see. I can see her making way to winterfell, but meeting Cat on the way. I can’t say I’m surprised GRRM is struggling to tie the knots together especially when it’s incredibly elaborate.

        An irrelevant death for Littlefinger, I think he’d prefer his on-show dramatic death instead. I can’t imagine why the house would take a contract on him. There’s no Littlefinger selling Sansa to the Bolton’s, which means he would still essentially be stirring the pot, but taking it way too far resulting in both Arya and Sansa, with their combined intelligence, having to take him down. Some way or the other, they will have to find out that Littlefinger started the war of the five kings which they probably could only find out through the help of Bran, even Littlefinger would know not to spill this to Sansa. Which makes me think that either the show version will happen or Littlefinger will somehow really die in a pointless, obscure and irrelevant way. There was a YouTube video which explained Sansa and Arya’s beef in season 7, and it was actually very very touching, but, eh, it shouldn’t have had to resort to someone on YouTube explaining it.

        I think Cat will definitely know that her daughters are reunited. Not sure about the crown. I think you’re right that Sansa will eventually be made Wardeness of the North (I think it was you who said this), but I don’t see the book going down the route of Queen in the North as much as I’d love to see it because Sansa’s really the only Stark who really has that love of the North.

      4. I have wondered if the other houses of the Vale might try something vis a vis Littlefinger it’s been a long time since I’ve read it but isn’t he essentially strong-arming and outright blackmailing some of them? I’ve also wondered and this is way more out there but if the Brotherhood might realize he has Sansa there or Jaime might try a Hail Mary pass with Stoneheart like I can bring you Littlefinger. Don’t know why she’d go for that but it would combine those stories and whatever else happens it seems Martin needs to move a whole lot of people into the North pretty soon so it could work 🙂

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