if you’re going to have a wedding…

The Guest List

The Guest List

By: Lucy Foley

I think I may have unfortunate expectations of weddings these days. I mean if its not murderous enough to have a color designation it has to have a big old brawl a la The Witcher.

So The Guest List was a bit anti-climatic.

But I also have to admit it was in and of itself.

We’re joining characters at a destination wedding on a creepy so-called haunted island off the coast of Ireland. Bang up place for a fan fiction starring all my favs though! Anyway the plot goes back and forth between the groomsmen looking for a possible body and the day before the wedding.

So we don’t even know what happened until the end which I admit took some getting used to but then I was like fine, it’s a character piece I can do that. No one is particularly likable though I did grow to enjoy the bride with the temper. The POV’s are pretty much bummers all around.

But it’s not like that wasn’t fine as well. Good atmosphere. Good characters but you get to the main event and it’s kind of like, “That was it?” Quiet frankly it should have been more brutal if anything.

And while it all worked and the reasoning was in place it was kind of the least interesting thing in my opinion. But that’s just me. It’s a good character piece and beach read nonetheless.

I just wish the ending packed more punch.

Recommend: Yes.


  1. OKAY. Despite your issue with the climax….I still feel excited to read this one because it’s just – from your review IT SOUNDS AWESOEMEE!! 😍😍😍😍 And the setting? HO-NEY! 😍😍

    Loved the reviewwwww, as always! πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹


  2. Oh, no. I’m excited to read this mostly because it looks like a great summer beach read, but I’m hoping it has the shock value as well which it doesn’t look like it does. I’m going to read it anyway, and I’m hoping I’m dimwitted enough to be shocked lol.

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