Crescent City Crashes And Burns

House of Earth and Blood

Crescent City House of Earth and Blood

By: Sarah J. Maas

Good Lord the villain wound up expositing so much that I honestly expected them to get into a power point presentation. It went on for something like forty minutes on the audio of them just straight up explaining everything.

And that was just one of the reasons why Crescent City feel apart at the end.

Credit where credit it due for a while through this shitty June I was enjoying this. It took a month but I’m pretty sure it’s the longest audio book I read. I was interested in the mystery (at the beginning of the novel MC Bryce’s best friend and her pack are brutally murdered- and this being Maas “pack” means wolves it’s not some metaphor.)

And once again I think Maas has a deft hand at dealing with grief and trauma.

Shockingly there’s no real sex scenes in this book a start and stop but oh my God that does not make up for the fact that every character in the book is constantly fucking horny and thinking how hot everyone else (but mostly Bryce is) and there’s more than a few illusions to the act having ended.

If they actually kept their minds on relevant things besides sex and hotness this book could have been half the length.

It should have been half the length.

Throughout the book I didn’t care for Bryce. Too hot to live party girl whose the greatest thing ever. No seriously she just felt like such an insincere character. I mean Maas gives her “flaws” of like the partying and drugs but even there it’s all turned around to how people just don’t get Bryce or how it was all an act. I think Maas was trying to make her likable and relatable but nope it actually made it worse.

Hunt? I didn’t care one way or another. He had no real character besides brooding so-called badass victim of everyone- also like Bryce seemingly misunderstood and abused. Horrifyingly violent and feared but it’s really not his fault oh no…

But then you get to the end and what drove me craziest besides the exposition party. It’s all done in a way that all these other super powerful people are watching it and not doing anything (or lamely can’t do anything whatever) as heroic weaker half human Bryce kicks major ass.

And they can only watch and worry and think how amazing she is really how she puts them all to shame and she’s just the greatest most noble of noble… I mean literally this one guy spends more time playing with cameras so everyone can watch Bryce and hear what she’s saying than actually trying to help anyone at all. That’s also the start of the villains forty minute speech! It was endless and these superpowers were just like hey pass me the popcorn isn’t she the best?

Okay no one said that but it was just so annoying because it’s one of the worst and most used tropes… in fan fiction!

That idea that every other character must watch as the chosen MC (or MC’s in a romance) proves their greatness and the relationship is consummated. Ugh. I just couldn’t after that.

So yeah pretty much after an okay start Maas proves that her and I just don’t mix. I thought it was trashy reality television based with fairies but nope its trashy fairy fan fiction. There’s nothing wrong with that grant you… (unlike so many other Youtubers and other bloggers with that other popular book that came out earlier this year I’m not going to question it’s right to existence just because I don’t like the main character but that’s a whole other rant) and there was so much more wrong with this!

And while there was no love triangle with this one I can see how she set one up for the next book. Sorry Hunt you’re hot but you’re probably going to get Tamlined.

And one of the reasons I decided to read this is it’s considered Maas adult novel and while I think there’s more language, descriptions of violence and the sheer horniness (even without the horrible sex scenes) it’s not that different than the other fairy fucking books.

Recommend: Nope.