Mulan’s Big Announcement


I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about movie release dates anymore but the Mulan news looks to be pretty big as Disney is splitting the difference on one of its biggest most anticipated movies and sending it to Disney+.

But we aren’t getting it for just that $6.99 subscription.

Apparently it will premiere on September 4th (and it will be in theaters where it’s safe or where Disney+ isn’t available) but instead of just subscribing to Disney+ you will have the hefty price tag of $29.99 to see it.

Even though I’ve been one whose been for PVOD at up to $24.99 this one’s making me do a side-eye hard.

That’s a lot and in all the news reports I read it’s not exactly clear whether I’ll have access to the movie for the whole time or if it’s just going to be a one-shot (or 48 hour rental) and if it is how will Disney+ handle possible disruptions to the streams. I waited a few days to watch Hamilton but I heard plenty of people who watched it the first day and night it dropped and had problems with the viewing.

But I also have to think again Disney is appealing to families here with the service and Mulan for whom going to the theater with kids is an even pricier option and possibly unsafe right now. So I can see how it has some appeal. I admit as I’m setting in the hell that is California and this was one of my most anticipated movies of the year (along with Black Widow and naturally of course those rumors of it dropping have started as well) well I’m likely to do it.

But I think like everything it’s a case by case basis. Would I pay $30 on top of a subscription for New Mutants….


Mulan? Black Widow?

Well if I have $30 bucks by that point probably! Especially since I dislike going to my theater anyway and have long since thought consumers should have more options. It’s going to be an interesting experiment and I look forward to seeing how it plays out!

18 thoughts on “Mulan’s Big Announcement

  1. I’m pissed about this lol. Mulan was one of my most anticipated releases of the year! I love the animate movie, I’m obsessed with Disney but have been getting sick of all the shot for shot remakes and liked how this seemed to be really different, and I’m Chinese too so I was so excited for seeing Asians killing it on the big screen. But like… $30 is a no lol. That’s like half the cost of my yearly disney+ subscription for one movie?? That’s like twice as much as a movie theater ticket literally to watch the movie on my laptop in my bedroom no thanks when I pay for movie tickets I pay for the experience of the huge screen and great sound, etc, not my small, dirty laptop screen. I’m in the hell that is California too and was expecting them to push this movie to 2021 but now I guess I’ll just wait for it to come free (with subscription) to Disney+ in a year or whatever.

    1. Yes I think the price is probably more reasonable for people like my brother and sister-in-law it would cost the same to take my nephew to the theater anyway and they don’t have to buy him popcorn and make him set with the mask.

      I do agree with you Disney was finally doing something different with this one and it looks super exciting and good it’s definitely a bummer but who knows hopefully in a couple of weeks the theaters in Cali will at least be able to open again and we’ll have the option to see it that way if we want? I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t see a problem with this price 🤭😖 Amazon has similar pricing for popular movies (even for renting) and we have to take into account Disney is putting this on Disney+ which is huge! They could say “suck it up” to the parents and made them go to the theater where it will be expensive like mentioned. I’m so getting the movie on Disney and enjoying it while it last 😂🧐

    1. Apparently once you buy/unlock it it’s not a 48 hour thing so you basically own it. Through Disney+grant you but I think that’s still a better deal you can than definitely watch it as many times as you want and I have family members who access my account for my nephew so I think it’s a bonus. As to the $30 bucks it’s a business 🙂 They got to make the money back somehow and on balance I’ve seen plenty of people outright happily admit their going to pirate so yeah I actually think Disney’s taking a big chance and being pretty reasonable here!

      1. Exactly! Because of the pandemic they will not be able to fully release it on theater and I think is better to watch at home that risk going to public places just to save a bit of money. I’m definitely buying it on the release day.

  3. Super bummed about this. I would’ve gladly waited until next year to see Mulan on the big screen. I’m baffled that Mulan is getting the Disney+ treatment and not New Mutants, which, despite its delays, would’ve been my choice candidate to test out this “one-off.” I doubt Mulan will be a one-off scenario because this just set the precedent, and now it’s just a question of what’s next. I’d happily wait for Black Widow too but who knows anymore.

    Despite my complaints, my daughter has been looking forward to this one so I’ll pay the $30, but I’m gonna have an attitude about it lol

    1. I agree with you on New Mutants but apparently there’s some kind of hold-over contractual obligations from FOX concerning New Mutants getting a theater release and then going to HBO or some such. I think we’ll see it on VOD pretty quick regardless.

      I hope your daughter and you enjoy the film!

  4. What about people who don’t subscribe to Disney +? Now I’ll have to pay for a subscription AND the movie on top of that? I mean I would like to watch some of the other content, but I’m so busy with work that there isn’t time to make it worthwhile.

    1. Some of the news sites are updating that if you do purchase the movie you basically own it (through Disney + grant you) but it is good to know I won’t necessarily need to watch it in a “rental” time frame.

  5. Like you I have been looking forward to both this one, and probably even more to Black Widow. If that one were to drop on Disney+ for that price tag, I might be tempted, but I don’t think I would do it. Even if I were subsequently the owner of the film. A big reason for that is also: what if the movie isn’t any good? Same as with Mulan. We’ve seen trailers, and while they certainly look good, we all know trailers can be very deceiving (*cough* the last* cough* Jedi). So yeah, don’t think I will do this, that’s just too steep a price in my opinion.

    1. Fair point but then I have to admit I’ve bought plenty of movies I didn’t like because I completely lack the patience 😉 At least unlike The Shape of Water or others that I won’t name my nephew can watch this one! But maybe I’ll hold off a couple of days for early reviews!

      1. Haha …that is also a fair point, and who am I kidding I have bought my fair share of those as well to be honest 😂😂 So who knows, might even go to the wild side and buy this one eventually too 😊Hope it will be good! 😊

  6. I’m part of one of those families they’re appealing to, so $30 for me is still cheaper than what my family would’ve paid to see it in theaters, and since Mulan is one I’ve wanted to see badly, I’d pay it. I’d pay a premium for Mulan and Black Widow (but I really hope BW gets to be in theaters) but New Mutants…hell no. lol

    1. I think Black Widow stays in theaters (even if they shift dates) unless Mulan makes them absolute bank here and possibly if neither Marvel show can make a fall or winter debut. I hope you and your family enjoy the film!

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